Styles that won’t make you chuck!

Sometimes fashion needs to be just plain simple!

Be yourself outfit.

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I often feel wearing something simple rather than looking like a fashion victim. The more realistic style and the more closely it resembles what I would enjoy wearing in real life, the more I like it.

I made a shape today that I was particularly happy with – he is a good looking bloke and his style is rather simple. If you ever wondered what approach I use when making shapes – this is the post for you.

It all started with the pair of eyes I made today that are yet to be released (they are only available with this shape at the moment as a bonus). Millage Valenti had skin complexion that was born for these eyes and hair from Unclweb Studio was just the right color to perfectly match eyebrows on this skin. Ahh, the joys of 50K + inventory.

After all elements were in place I made basic adjustment to shape base to fit the skin and mark some features that I wanted. I work naked first and then add clothing. Once I have clothing I discover who the character is and go back to adjusting the shape again. It is continuous process and I do not stop till I am completely happy with it. This in some cases may take hours.

Often when you do have such a large choice of clothing in your inventory it can be hard to make a decision – this time it was very easy.

I remembered these great Armidi Moto Jackets that I wanted to wear for some time now. I really wanted to stay with brown and this particular tone of brown was enough to make a statement without overwhelming the shape I was showing.

And this is the thing about dressing well. People that dress well don’t forget about their overall look.

Do not allow clothing to wear you, you wear the clothing!

Grey pants from Redgrave picked up on few greys from the jacket and also provided contrast without introducing additional color. I wanted casual sport shoes to match this outfit and Hoorenbeek’s Air Force thankfully came in perfect brown. Mhaijik designed some awesome new rings with leather and silver star which added that extra detail to my outfit.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Shape: CHUCK by MADesigns

Skin: Millage Valenti ~ SKA-007 (2nd Version) Beach Tan – Regular

Hair: Unclweb Studo ~ Daiki-hair size-L ash brown

Eyes: MADesigns EYES ~ Rusty Grey (bonus – included in the shape pack)


Jacket: Armidi Limited ~ Moto Leather Jacket [Chocolate]

Jeans: REDGRAVE ~ Dirty Jeans No.1 –DarkGrey–

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Air Force – Brown – Large

Ring: Mhaijik Things ~ Star Silver Ring a Miscellany on leather Mns Sz

Style/ Photography: Maddox DuPont

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