Clockwork Black

Some outfits are made only for runway. Luckily in Second Life you can wear whatever you like whenever you like and nothing serious would really happen.

Dare devil outfit for when one glance at you is just not good enough.

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When I first saw this outfit on Cheerno (AC Store designer) it left me completely breathless. I do not know if you remember the movie “The 5th Element” but there is this outrageously camp Afro-American show host that apart from being completely hilarious, he was also wearing outrageous clothing that reminded me so much of AC Studio’s “Dancing in the Rain” ~ this is the name of today’s outfit.

Whenever I buy fun ensemble such as this that contains number of clothing elements, I never think of just wearing it as is – that is just plain boring. You must play with your clothing. It is never what you wear but how you wear it.

After trying everything on I decided to shave off some access. I loved both – hat and bow tie – which come with the outfit but for the look I was after they simply did not work – so I got rid of them. I also tinted the underwear in deep red so to introduce a new color within the outfit which mirrored the same red in shoe detail. Toltec shoes from Jeepers Creepers are new release. Epy (JCS Designer) always hooks me up God bless him and today was no different and these shoes came just on time as they perfectly fit with everything else I was wearing.

Once I had basic clothing elements sorted out I was able to focus on the rest.

I’ve chosen light skin tone with a scar and eyeliner and a clean tattoo. Edgy is never out of fashion. The new skin release from the Abyss although looking great, it needed shape adjustment to fit it properly. Changing skins always requires adjustment of your shape – this is why shape demos are unnecessary and don not work as unless you have the skin that designer has made the shape for, no shape demo will look right with your skin. Even slight adjustment will make a hell of a difference.

Whenever possible, keep to only 3 colors within your outfit. Looking like a gay flag is not a good look. Colors in different hue and details with different color are usually fine. These red eyes from Fashionably Dead did just that – kept me within black, white and red theme. So was the ring from Mhaijik Things – chunky silver ring with a stripe.

Maybe my theme was a subconscious choice as at the time I was standing on the set of AC Store’s next fashion show.

AC Store has the show with us in July (Join KMADD Enteprise group for MAD Agency show announcements) launching their new collection. When discussing the set design Sally and Cheerno requested something black and white, contemporary and clean. Once we discovered our passion for Kubrick – Odyssey 2001came to mind and the agreement was made. Here is the sneak peak of the set I built for the upcoming show (stay tuned for details). You will notice black, white and red theme.

To honor this great director (Stanley Kubrick) there was one more detail left to add to the outfit – one eyelash! I edited linked parts and made my own texture to achieve authentic look from “Clockwork Orange”

Now all I need is a baseball bet, “Singing on the rain” score and I am ready to clockwork black.

Click images to enlarge.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Revelation [3]B Body Hair

HAIR:Unclweb ~ Uw.St Jin-Hair02 size-L Wild black

EYES: Fashionably Dead ~ (FD) Fuschia Eyes

EYELASHES: Celestial Studios ~ (CS) Lashes – Club 9

TATTOO: Tikitattoo ~ Temoe


COSTUME: AC Studios ~ Dancing in the Rain

SHOES: JCS ~ Toltec Black/Red

RING: Mhaijik Things ~ Ring Heirloom In Ontario


LIGHTING: FaceFX Designer v1.3

Model/Style/Photography: Maddox DuPont


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