True Blue

Honesty is the best policy.

Everyday casual comfort.

After a big party on the weekend and wearing outrageous AC Store clothes it was time to change into something more comfortable.

< Slip into something more comfortable with me – after the jump >

You will notice that I am wearing a lot of blue. When deciding to wear one color ensure that it’s shade varies and that textures differ. This will make you look less like you are wearing a uniform.

Argrace cardigan provided soft blue and casual comfortable appeal I needed for this outfit. I then followed through with Jeans from Ce Cubic effect and shoes from Shinny things. Grey shading within jeans I think works well visually with the vest and so do shoes with their black piping.

Ring is from Mhaijik, nice silver ring with a stone has beautiful detail and really stands out with tanned skin.

You will notice my eyes are green. I selected these eyes due to the color on my face that it has green tinge just above mouth and chin. I thought it would be interesting to wear something that picks up on it. Eyes have not as yet been released as I still need to do vendors but I promise you this series is absolutely HOT.

And finally I am wearing blond hair from Unclweb Studio, I find blonds wear blue and pink clothing really well. It just gives them this sexy but innocent appeal. Haha don’t be fooled.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Skin: Damiani Fashion Design ~ Joshua TAN Skin Shaved

Hair: Unclweb Studio ~ Dan-Hair cream cafe

Eyes: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – green intense 12


Cardigan: ARGRACE ~ Cardigan LB with VEST

Pants: Ce_Cubic effect ~ Full Long length Jeans

Shoes: Shinny Things ~ LG Tritones – denim blue

Ring: Mhaijik Things ~ Mhaijik Kavi Poet Ring

Style/ Photography/ Model: Maddox DuPont

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