The Essential Shoe

“If the shoe fits, wear it.”

It was only a year ago that men’s shoes in Second Life underwent a complete revolution, however shoes only became real six months ago when Sculpties were introduced.

Men’s shoes are still very limited, and whenever I get asked about what I would sell or what I would like more of in men’s fashion, I say: “Shoes. More shoes!!!” Here you will find some of the leading brands in men’s shoes today. I have decided to focus on designers that I admire, and those that consistently surprise and inspire me with their creations. My selection was based on quality, originality and versatility of the items – not value, as I assure you every linden spent on these beauties will be a worthwhile investment.

< who makes SL’s best men’s shoes? – after the jump >

Fallingwater Cellardoor (Shinny Things) is a name that many are familiar with. She has been designing shoes for quite some time now, and is well known for her female styles. Her City Walk Shoes in black (shown on right) is an absolute must-have and is the most worn shoe from her collection. I can not tell you how many times I have used this shoe and see people wearing them. And for a good reason, these shoes go with everything from a suit to very casual attire – they are effortless. When in doubt, just wear them. Fallingwater also has sculpted shoes, and they come in a great selection of subdued colors, however it’s the lighting on these shoes that will make you fall in love with them.

Designer Eponymous Trenchmouth is the name behind Jeepers Creepers. JCS has the most extensive collection of male footwear that I have seen in Second Life. Visiting the JCS store, you are bound to find something that you like and that will match any outfit. These shoes are superbly made, and recent sculpted additions show great attention to detail and realism.

Storm Schmooz is another great example of a sculpted shoe. Textures, lighting and shine make these shoes an absolute winner. They’re an excellent compliment to your suit or any formal attire.

Now for something with an edge you can not pass by – Muism. Icemocolo Voom has created one of my favourite designs; Mugen Buckle shoes. They have some crazy colors and buckles that make them really stand out. They have a unique design and a good combination of prims and sculpted work.

Another delicious treat from the sculpted shoe range would have to be Maitreya’s Desert Boots by Onyx LeShelle. You can almost touch these cuties, they are so real. Just take a look at the shoe laces. They fold and twist so naturally, and have an impeccable texture. These shoes are unisex, and come in a great selection of colors. And I absolute love the imperfections of texture. You really get a sense that they’ve been worn. Another must-have.

There are so many great boots in Second Life, but you can not pass by Mai Runo’s Zero Number. This Japanese designer is one of the most exciting discoveries from the many affordable Japanese Sims. These fellas are masculine and sexy, and can be easily paired with jeans or dark pants. These boots look just great with pants tucked into them. You can see the example of this in <insert name of my main article here> article.

So there you have it. No more excuses, no more complaints. Men have some great footwear choices in Second Life, and I am confident that things will only get better.

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