The Understated Elegance of a System Skirt

A gown for a red carpet event.

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When you get an invitation for a red carpet event, two things are likely to happen. You’ll have a wonderful time and there will be lots of lag.

To minimize the problems of lag, don’t overlook the advantages of wearing a system skirt. (The system skirt is that little pink skirt logo in your clothes folder). You’ll arrive looking elegant while all around you others are standing in their glitch pants waiting for their prims to rezz.

The Hollywood gown, created by Blaze, makes full use of the system skirt. It’s an elegant classic gown reminiscent of the glamor gowns of the 1940’s and 50’s. It comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors and here it’s shown in “Copper” a muted butterscotch color.

The detailing with this gown is superb, right down to the zipper details on the back of the dress and the embellishments on the bodice. As an added bonus, the Hollywood gown comes with a delicate prim bolero jacket.

To enhance the delicate color of the gown, the gloves and bag were matched in the same muted butterscotch color. The pearl earrings and necklace shown here have a subtle sheen which sets off the gold tones in the gown.

Styling Tip

Whenever you put on a system skirt, your av’s body measurements are automatically enlarged. To overcome this extra layer of bulk, try this trick:

Go into appearance, and tweak the following measurements:

* Saddlebags – your measurement minus 10 – 15

* Hip Width – your measurement minus 5

* Waist – your measurement minus 5

* Butt Size – 0

Save your new body shape as “System Skirt Shape” in your inventory. This slider trick will reduce the torso and butt size measurements when you are wearing system skirts.


Skin: Eddesign ~ Angelee 2.0 in Makeup Red

Eyelashes: Minnu Model Skins ~ Mascara Lashes

Hair: Minnu Model Skins ~ Keira in Natural Blonde

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Soul Eyes in Brown 2

Manicure: Gracile ~ Nails in Light Bronze


Dress: Blaze ~ Hollywood Gown in Copper

Gloves: Fleur ~ Long Gloves in Tan

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci ~ Barcelona Slingback in Rose Peach

Bag: House of Heart ~ Leather Clutch in Burnt Gold

Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings: Drifting Sands ~ Tahitian Pearls in Gold

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

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