Roaring 20s

It has been Art Deco/Film Noir month let me tell you. Starting with our Roaring 20s themed wedding anniversary party, LBD show for which I am currently building a set to show Leezu’s Noir collection, to Real Life Art Deco exhibit currently on tour in Australia. I felt inspired and in this post will show you what I was wearing throughout the night.

Variation on a gangster theme.

Make a jump to see 3 looks that you can create with one suit.

It is often hard to dress for themed parties, since there is limited amount of good clothing available that most people would go for, so you are often in danger of looking like a clone. Luckily, there are some old pieces that one can find which people often forget about and by adding a few current details outfits you create will look fresher then ever.

One of the first suits that I bought about 2 years ago was FNKY Smooth Criminal Suit (available in black and white version). I have used this suit in my outfits on several occasions borrowing piece here or there to create new things.

In outfit #1 I used both pants and jacket and replaced the shirt and tie from FNKY with Armidi, giving more dimension to my outfit with some sculpty work and great texturing. Don’t forget about cuffs on your sleeves for extra dimension.

Apart from my wedding band honoring my relationship to Mr Claymore, I am also wearing Silver Diamond Onix Pinky Ring from Digital Dragon.

Shoes were the hardest to choose for this outfit. Personally, I am not big fan of mafia black and white shoes (Jeepers Creepers and few other designers have these for sale) and I also thought everyone would be wearing them anyway. So, I opted for Redgrave’s white shoes she released ages ago. They seem to work well with the color of my tie and you know me I love to repeat colors.

Joining the same hue is also Fedora from The Hat Shop. The Hat shop has several styles available and in many colors. Beautifully sculpted hats.

And 20s would not be 20s without some smoke. FNKY cigarettes are my top choice for virtually killing myself.

Finally, to ensure that my head is not bald under my Fed, I am wearing Belleza skin which already has hair on it. This is one male skin with perfect male hair texture that you can easily wear without prim hair and still look descent (see next set of photos).

Of course you need to have nicely shaped head underneath, like I do.

Most of our male and female shapes in MADesigns Shape collection would already have head that looks good bald. We even have few male shapes that are just bald on purpose so to show you this. The fact is, some of our customers can not afford everything at once so with this we ensure they look half descent until they are able to.

Now outift #2 is an interesting one. In this outfit I actually combine several items to achieve more realistic look.

First of is a shirt, which I replaced with open collar shirt instead of button up still from Armidi. This way I can loosen up my tie a bit. I then rolled the sleeves up in appearance and added sleeve prims from Cambridge Cuffed Shirt also from Armidi {Gisaci}. If you have read one of my articles for GLAMsl Magazine “Making a Statement” you would be familiar with this method.

No gangster outfit would be complete without some cools guns. I have been searching for a while for good holster and just when I was about to give up and make my own with intention of making them part 3rd part on clothing layer, I come across Gunslingers 1911 Mamba. It seems all great ideas have already been thought out in SL, we just need to find them.

So there you have it. Great look for when you want to minimise prim count and still look sharp.

The next look is pretty much the same with few added/replaces elements: like hair from Chase and glasses from FNKY.

Simple really…

It is easy to change and you look like a new person all over again. Gun is out, hair is messed up, smokes are lit and bad boy is out to play.

The next look replaces the white tie with black, eyes change to green, and hair comes from CAKE.

This look is served clean, no smokes with smarter more elegant appeal.

For your exclusive invite to MAD Agency shows and KMADD events – often themed – please join KMADD Enterprise group in-world. It’s free!

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Skin: -Belleza- Ewan tan 6

Hair: -C- <HAIR> “Interactive” -Coal Black

Cake – Truth – Black – Hair

Eyes: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes

& MADesigns EYES ~ always greener


Suit: FNKY! ~ Smooth Criminal White (pants & jacket only used)

Shirt & sleeves:

Tie: {Gisaci} ~ Classic Italia Tie Set – Black

{Gisaci} ~ Classic Italia Tie Set – White

(used flexi and tucked in versions)

Shoes: Redgrave ~ Leather white shoes

Hat: The Hat Shop ~ Fedora “The Fed” (white/black band)

Guns: Gunslingers ~ 1911 Mamba

Ring: Digital Dragon ~ Silver Diamond Onix Pinky Ring

Glasses: FNKY! ~ Aviator III Glasses (Black)

Cig: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II (long ash)

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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