Experimenting with Colors

The simple elegance of the neutral colors of black, white and gray will always be my favorite colors, but recently I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different jewel color combinations thanks to the stunning range of prim belts available from M * A * ii * K * I and the color range of oversized mens’ shirts from Muism.

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The Chainsaw Massacre

Horror movies are a great way to get adrenalin pumpin’.

Outfit for a messy killing.

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Neko Prince

Neko is the Japanese word for the domestic cat and it is also a sign of good luck in Japan. Royal or not this is one nasty kitty.

Two neko styles befitted for the Prince.

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Zero Style

It was an evening of the grand opening. I surely was gonna be there. We are friends, we support each other. Through thick and through thin. That’s what friends do.

Who are your friends?

Stylish semi formal look with an attitude.

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NEW Shapes @ MAD

One of the most common complaints I get about our store is “you need more female shapes”. Girls are absolutely hungry for the variety and have shape envy when they enter MADesigns Store and see 3 levels of shapes dedicated just to men.

Well this is to the girls…

I went for new MMS Zero Umber skins that just look so fantastic – Minnu’s source is very realistic and make up for Zuri just screamed disco to me. Minnu herself came and helped me with shoes recommendation and dropped me some of her new dott lashes. Zuri is wearing MADesigns eyes.

MADesigns female collection seems to be abundant with classical beauties that at times I feel my wilder ladies have been neglected.

I love making crazy shapes, you know something wild and unusual. Why be a clone, have fun with your looks no matter what shape you got.

Zoe release is me having fun with Skin from KaraMia and the Abyss. I have few more to come out that are bit out here but I am sure you will like them equally.

Zoe actually has 2 versions – only skin & eyes change but same shape works for both skins and I just could not decide. So I made double vendor for Zoe thanks to texture changer script.

Sk8 or Die

Skating is one of my favourite activities in Real Life. I can spend whole afternoon in summer with my mates just cruising the streets and looking for curbs.

Bright skater boy outfit.

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New Female Releases @ MADesigns

After the LBD Show I felt so inspired with Leezu’s Noir dresses that once she has sent me her entire collection, there was no excuse but to make few ladies of classical beauty. New MMS Zero provided excellent touch of maturity and class.

I would also like to thank Thalia Jie who provided styling for these 2 dresses, originally posted on FACES blog.

Just Casual and Easy

This is one of my favorite outfits for just a casual and easy day on the grid, whether is just catching up with friends, exploring new places or my favorite pastime … shopping!

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Sneak Attack (Wolf King)

When my thinking brain goes on vacation, I get to stay out of my own way and go with my inner flow. Many creative things can come to life when that happens. And this is just one of them.

Tough outfit for dark traveller.

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Suspenders and a Bowler Hat

I’m invited to a friend’s glamorous Rez Day party so I’m dressing up in one of my favorite statement pieces.

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Granny wouldn’t approve

Spending time on the Caledon Victorian sim meant a retro look but with a contemporary twist.

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