Dressing for Occassion

Written by Maddox DuPont

As one of the MAD Agency owners I get numerous expressions of interest from aspiring models. The most disappointing thing is that they never present like a model. When people come to me for a job, I expect them to look the part. If you are not willing to look your best when asking for a job interview, how do you expect to get a job? You might be very talented but I simply do not have confidence that you are going to work out because I can not get past first impressions.

Appearance really does matter and first impressions do count!

Whether you’re in the boardroom or a party or no matter what you’re doing, how you dress and look says a lot about your personality. If you look successful, you’re going to be successful. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to dress the part.

To ensure that you leave positive impression on your first date, when dealing business, while clubbing or simply in your moments of leisure, we have four killer outfits that will ensure you are never overlooked again.

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First Date

Clothes don’t make the man, not by a long shot. However, the way you dress is an extension of your personality and the way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. Dressing appropriately shows your date you respect them enough to make a good impression and can make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed on your first day or night out with the object of your affection.

What you wear on your first date depends on the person you are dating and the place you are taking them to. Our date is set in Paris (MAD Agency runway design for Trendy & Co. show), elegant dinner followed by a romantic stroll by river Seine with gorgeous Risa Bright, lead model/manager of MAD Agency.

When putting your look together it makes sense to start with a great shape and quality skin. You want your partner to find you attractive; after all, body and skin is all that you will need if the date was successful.

To avoid disappointment choose MADesigns Shape Achille. Achille will suit a guy who is looking for well proportioned, medium built and medium height shape that speaks of sophistication and confidence.

To really impress your date you just can not go wrong with clothes from Redgrave. The outfit I present here is a mixture of Emilia’s new and old releases. Some may think Emilia’s pricing is steep; in my opinion not only her clothing is worth it (due to its precision, quality of textures and prim work) but such pricing keeps her items somewhat exclusive and worn by only selected few – another reason to choose this designer for special occasions.

It is important not to dress too casually or too formally on your first date this is why I opted for black jeans with black tux jacket from Redgrave. If you are wearing jeans make sure that they are neat with minimum or no tares and that jacket matches well with it. If layers allow ensure that you show cuff under your jacket.

When you are dressing for a first date it is all about the detail, all your choices need to create an impression that says you are a man that means business. This sexy white collar Retro Shirt in soft blue is perfect for dressing down – while under the tux jacket it looks smart and elegant, yet when worn without the jacket shows wonderful detail and personality with its print and explosion of colors. Achille is wearing black leather boots from Redgrave and for accessories I selected Mhaijik’s Surfers Dream ring. Boston black glasses are from Sergeys. I chose the Abyss skin for it’s tidy facial hair that looked typically French and more mature. The Armidi Cadiz hair is shown in Midnight and eyes are realistic blue from MADesigns. AO from VISTA Animations is simple yet elegant choice for this outfit.

Dressing for an occasion is all about understanding what is appropriate to wear for a situation and appropriate overall. So if your stylist happens to suggest for you to wear chucks (sneakers) with tuxedo just so that you show your character, maybe it is time to fire that “Seinfeld” and get a real image consultant who knows how to mix and match.


What you wear for an interview or when meeting a client can vary greatly depending on the company and the position you are applying for or the type of client you are meeting, especially in Second Life. For example, model will dress differently for an interview in comparison to club manager, PR person or a builder. In all situations avoid being half naked and aim for smart casual look when dealing with clients.

If you’re interviewing for a bid in the project involving a prestigious real life company there is no question you should dress conservatively: dark suits and tasteful tie and shirt combinations. Avoid over-the-top patterns, hats, tattoos, bling and aim for more realistic toned down appearance. Being dressed like a furry as much as it may express you “artistic” eccentricities it will not speak of your reliability and commitment to the project.

Also, it is good to gain some inside information from friends or acquaintances on the culture and the industry before your interview, this can help you decide what to wear.

When in doubt, overdress. It is much easier to dress down by removing your suit jacket, for example than to kick it up a notch if you’re too casual. Make sure that you feel at ease in whatever you wear, as this will help you to remain relaxed, cool and confident.

Regardless of what job you’re being interviewed for, it’s important that your shape, skin and eyes go well together. When choosing hair ensure that it is the right size and well fitted and stay with standard colors (black, blond or brown).

MADesigns Shape Ted is medium built, tall and with masculine features. Roulette Black hair from Laqroki was the perfect choice for business wear. Pair this with subtle MADesigns SOUL eyes in pale blue and five o’clock shadow skin Joshua from Damiani and you got sexy and professional look that you can take to more places than just a boardroom.

Recent release from the Zoo “Suited Grey” provided the jacket, shirt and tie for this outfit. I went for Armidi chinos in black for some contrast – wear them without the leg prims and you have one versatile item of clothing. Shoes are from FNKY – absolute classic and must have for any man. Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark XI is the name of the watch made by Francis Chung. Simple Silver 3 band Ring from Mhaijik was another small detail to add interest to this subtle outfit. If the nerves get better of you, you can calm them down with FNKY cancer free cigarette, but please no smoking at the interview. Smoking can be hazardous to your career!

FaceFX Designer v1.3 and VISTA animations AO (supa value set) will ensure that you have smooth moves and are well lighted. FaceFX is Windlight friendly lighting system that has additional options for light color, softness and radius. VISTA animations HUD allows user to skip animations at will and contains around 15 animated male stands within one AO as opposed to usually 5.


Moments of leisure are all about you and the time you spend with your friends and family or just on your own. It could be going shopping, hanging out on the beach, going on a little adventure, whatever it may be it is about having fun. It is about being comfortable and wearing things that you love. Here you can afford to go wild with your look as long as you stay appropriate to the occasion.

My moments of leisure is usually spent with my partner or a group of friends in this case few of our stunning MAD models (Risa, Willamina and Lulee). I took us all for a ride in my new toy – Swordfish 40, Black scale from Maximilian Milosz. Classic racer. High detail, perfect handling, six seater.

For this I decided to dress with occasion in mind. FNKY Antonio dark skin with Armidi Law style in Smoked Mahogany (available only in all colors pack) and MADesigns brown eyes from Windlight Series 1 go together perfectly.

Rubber sole black stripped sneakers from Redgrave for that non slip walk on the boat. Open shirt from Ce Cubic aids my tan and shows off my beautiful flawless Abyss skin. Used Jeans in Deep Blue from Redgrave for comfort. Small details are created with Champagne in Calgary ring and 3 Block Gold Citron Cord Bracelet from the one and only Mhaijik Guillaume (Guillaum pour homme) which matched perfectly with Saint Claw silver necklace from Redgrave. If sun is too bright on the day I recommend FNKY Free Base glasses in white.

Male AO for this occasion comes from Animazoo. Animazoo use motion capture to create more realistic movement and my favourite animation in this bundle is the walk.

VIP lounge / nightclub

Majority of time when Kirk and I go out it is when we are invited to exclusive VIP events and openings or are hosting our own after show parties at KMADD. We seem to enjoy those parties the most as you get to mingle with quality crowd (designers, models and press) while listening to some awesome tracks from some of the best DJs in Second Life. What makes these parties so great is not that everyone looks so stunning but vibe created by conversations that are inclusive, witty and fun. It certainly beats that vulgar and inexperienced often silent lag-driven moshpit of people who you usually find in ordinary nightclubs halfrezzed.

When you’re hitting the clubs, you need to remember your objectives: to land a few friendship offers, or at least get in a few dances. In other words, dress to impress. You want to be trendy. You definitely don’t want to be that guy who’s wearing shades when it’s pitch black in the club.

I was looking for the style that captures a fun of dressing for a nightclub event while avoiding looking sleazy, half naked or looking like you should join the circus. Bling is out, oil is out, wearing suit or smart casual is not an option. You don’t want to look uptight, so make sure you’ve got at least an open collar and your shirt isn’t tucked. You need to look sexy, provocative yet comfortable. The last thing you want is half of your prim attachments causing lag and cutting into you with every dance move.

Since nightclubs are usually places of bright lights and colors I opted for the look that is mostly dark with some white details and if it is a good day in Second Life I recommend these low lag particles by Neil Protagonist to capture your moves.

A big part of looking good has to do with confidence and attitude, so don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Perfect AO for this occasion is from good ole’ OUTRIDER. You do not have to be a great dancer in RL to be very impressive on a dance floor. With dances from Sine Wave like “poi boy”, my favourite “everybody loves me” and fizz to the question: “Do you think you can dance?” you can answer with confidence: “Yes”.

I would like to thank DJ Kromus Korobase for an inspiration for the style I will now present to you. Apart from being “the voice” that drives both sexes absolutely crazy DJ Kromus has most diverse repertoire of music and is one of sexiest and most stylish men who is also part of MAD Agency Modelling.

Thanks to DJ Kromus I discovered and was completely overwhelmed with courage of designs from AC Studios. MADesigns Shape Kromus is wearing top from their CheerNo DJ Set with Muism transparent tank top underneath that shows off beautifully Aitui Disintegrate tattoo, at the front and the back. Tribal tattoos look great here too. I paired the top with Armidi Limited modern pants in black and Hoorenbeek super star shoes. For accessories, I chose black studded belt from Action and Mina’s chin piercing. If you are a DJ there are no better and more detailed headphones like Headphones MDJ-V800 from FNKY!

Kromus is wearing Scorpio Osiris skin and funky Illusion hair style both from the Abyss. For a bit of mystery you can not go wrong with dark brown eyes from GLANZ.

Clubbing is all about meeting new people and having fun with friends. What better way to make a lasting impression than to share some goodies with others. Bag Shadows from React is perfect for this. Designed to be filled with copy items that can be given away, you can invite anyone to click on your bag and select their gift via pop up menu. How smart is that?

Dressing for an occasion is all about being smart, knowing what looks good on you and having courage to challenge the norm.

All Shapes featured in this article are available @ MADesigns Store

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