Granny wouldn’t approve

Spending time on the Caledon Victorian sim meant a retro look but with a contemporary twist.

< full style credits after the jump >

The Victoria Winter jacket was given a more modern feel with the addition of a split front long skirt.

The skirt, from Bare Rose is one of my favorites, as the texture is a glossy brown and the drape of the skirt is made up from three separate prims which create a wonderful movement and shows off lots of leg. At first, the skirt and jacket combination looks very conservative, something that would please even your granny if you wore it. That is, until you see that revealing spilt and most definitely, granny wouldn’t approve!


Skin: Minnu Model Skins ~ Zero in Light Makeup 6a

Hair: Armidi ~ Symphony Twist in Orchard

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Naturals in Brown Reflective Eyes


Jacket: Skin Flicks ~ Victoria Sports Wear Winter Jacket (includes gloves)

Skirt: Bare Rose ~ (part of outfit) Gabrielle in Brown

Shirt: Pixel Dolls ~ (part of outfit) Anticipation Lace top (undershirt layer)

Tights: No.9 Nylons ~ Neon Pantyhose in Black

Hat: Elegance Hats ~ Greta in Brown Tweed

Handbag: Manna ~ Dentelle

Shoes: Tesla ~ Diva 2 Shoes in Toffee

Earrings: Balderdash Bagatelle and Trinketry ~ Persistence Earrings

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie


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