Neko Prince

Neko is the Japanese word for the domestic cat and it is also a sign of good luck in Japan. Royal or not this is one nasty kitty.

Two neko styles befitted for the Prince.

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Why do people become Nekos ?

Perhaps it is something that you can not be in Real Life so it is sort of a fantasy. Or is it because the way Nekos dress is just way more fun than some preppy boy.

But Nekos don’t really care about materialistic things in their lives – they care about freedom. Living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it sometimes protecting what is theirs.

Now there is a thought for a good style… or two.

1. Neko Warrior.

All great Neko outfits should start with ears & tail, mine are equiped with a hud and interactive menu in case you get a need to play with me.

I just can not seem to take these Sweet Goodbye leather pants off since I got them so you are seeing them on me once again this time I am using them in more casual context.

This great jacket is from AVZ. I also found the mask, the gloves and cyber boots from AVZ, which are unisex and reflect well the pattern from the jacket. Add to this outfit belt from HOE, Ninja swords and leg dagger and this kitty is ready to rumble.

Still something was missing.

Perhaps I needed a companion, maybe a form of conscience that will guide me in my mischiefs. Something as evil as me that will make all my actions seem right. Meet my lil mean kitty propped on my right shoulder. I think it was love on first sight. Now, you can touch her but be careful especially if you are up close, she does get pretty moody and we do not want your AV eyes getting ripped out of their sockets.

2. Neko Prince

In my free time I like to dress down and relax.

In the spirit of wearing less for whatever reason this Sey Jacket provided much needed ventilation. Add a great tattoo underneath, some gloves and change your boots – whole new look is created.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Skin: The Abyss ~ Scorpio_Origin 1[A] Smooth

Hair: Discord ~ Prim Hair [ SHONO ] Black

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Cat Eyes Green (not for sale)


T-Shirt: AVZ ~ Rabuafea Shirt (Mens)

Jacket: sey ~ Fur vest Gray

Pants: SG ~ Monocrom – Black

Shoes: AVZ ~ Treadz Boots, Resurrection ~ Nu-Rock Boots

Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO ~ Trip Out /fresh

Gloves: CALYPSO GIANO ~ Gloves – Rock my Life

Belt: HOE ~ Shuriken Belt, The GL ~ Strife Studded Belt – Black

Scar’s: Blood & Scars ~ Face scar, scratches upper

Make Up: Acid & Mala Creations ~ Messy Make Up

Accessories: AVZ ~ Bound Bracers, AVZ ~ Climatix Mask, Purrrrfect kitties Creations ~ Black Panther ears,

Lucky Monkey ~ Baby Snow Leopard Tail v3, XD Fusion ~ Mean Little Kitten, Primitive Design ~ The Knife,

Medusa Weapons ~ Nightmare Katana

Style/Model: Volcom Praga

Photography: Maddox DuPont

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