The Chainsaw Massacre

Horror movies are a great way to get adrenalin pumpin’.

Outfit for a messy killing.

< full bloody details after the jump >

To create a gorgeously scary look just watch Chainsaw Massacre movie and the inspiration would come naturally.

I started out with the mohawk hair which i found in Hysteria Sim, small shop called Aunty Entity. I opted for the Abyss skin as it is the only one offering dirt covered skin. There is no point in killing if you are not prepared to get your hands AND the rest of your body dirty.

The look needed to be bloody, so I am wearing Homicidal pants from Sinistyle and added a studded belt and grunge boots. And of course the chainsaw worn on the back. The tattoo is amazingly well made – very dark on the chest and back and the sleeves were left light.

On top of the tattoo I am wearing the Homicidal shirt from Sinistyle. To finish the look I wear spiked gloves and the collar from the Abyss. Different kind of piercings through ears, eyebrows and nose – including the Pierced Skull Horns completes a chainsaw look.

Ladies beware – Love can be messy.

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Skin: The Abyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[2]D

Hair: Aunty Entity ~ WEZ Mohawk Style 1

Eyes: House of EyeZ ~ -Rude EyeZ goldbrown eyes


T-Shirt: SiniStyle ~ SiniStyle Homicidal Demise

Pants: SiniStyle ~ SiniStyle Homicidal Demise

Shoes: TonkTastic ~ Insane Boots

Piercing:Leti’s Tattoo & Piercing ~ Leti’s Piercing ORJ01 ,FlipSide ~ Nose Bar Spiked (sb) ,

Punk Store Moller ~ Left Ear_003 ,Aunty Entity ~ Pierced Skull Horns steel -L-

Tattoo: KS Tattoo ~ KS Tattoo GIGER_SLAVE(K)

Gloves: SF Designs ~ Mens Cyberpunk Gloves box

Belt: The GL ~ Strife Studded Belt – Black

Accessories: The Abyss ~ TheAbyss [Light] Choker F I N Reversed_MALE [Spine],

Monogrind ~ chainsaw backpack

Style/Model: Volcom Praga

Photography: Maddox DuPont

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