Summertime and the living is easy

It’s always summer somewhere on the grid and Bare Rose must have know that every woman needs at least one swimsuit in her inventory.

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Beach Boy

Last days of beach are upon us, summer is moving to its destined end. Some may welcome the change. Here at KMADD City we embraced summer one last time with WIPEOUT Men’s Swimwear Show.

This is the outfit I wore after the show while we partied and danced on the beach.

Surfs up fellas!

Summer surfer outfit.

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Cyber Couture

It was Sally’s Rezz day at KMADD Space Lounge. Sally is manager of AC Store helping Cheerno Destiny with his designing enterprise.

Since Sally asked for couture and venue was pretty space themed I thought of combining both.

Eclectic Cyber Style.

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Italian Chi Chi

This outfit started with the metallic textured jacket from Mimikri, as I’m always attracted to unusual details in clothes, and I particularly liked the collar treatment with this jacket.

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New Releases @ MADesings

Woah! I have been so busy lately that I am little behind with posting all the new releases it seems. Few special treats here. Ladies first!

Milla is styles by a very good friend of mine who has started her own label. This shape celebrates her success and tries to capture her beauty.

The following collection of male shapes are our own way of welcoming number of new designers at KMADD City.

Designers like: AC Store, Alphamale, Heartattack&Wine, Emery, Argrace, Aitui and Valiant. These exceptional designers have put an extra effort in creating a unique shopping experience for visitors of KMADD city. Each and one of them has spent extra effort in store design and layout so that you can enjoy shopping in style.

About this release

Trek and McLean are 2 shapes specially designed for younger generation in mind.

Perfect shapes for guys that do not want to be tough and buff, looking for more realistic scale and proportions. Each one of these shapes comes with body perfect version as well so you can choose.

All MADesigns shapes come with eyes with no extra cost. More colors are available at our store.

In our body perfect series of shapes Ace adds boyish charm, Cross with his exotic looks brings variety that MADesigns shapes are famous for. While Rourke, Krew & Bauer have cool attitude and strong personal style.

For all the new releases from MADesigns and more join KMADD Enterprise group in-world.

How to wear a hat

I remember 2 years ago when I first started in SL I went looking for a hat. My dear God that’s all I can say. And now with an introduction of sculpties we have so many of them to choose from it is absolute heaven, yet I still can get enough of hats.

From caps to fedoras – I love hats full stop. I do not wear them in Real Life much but have absolute passion for them in Second Life.

As my dear friend use to say “Ahhhh (sigh), there is something about boys with hats, tattoos and motorbikes.”

Bad ass outfit you know you want it.

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Kill Pop

Punk is said to be anti-fashion. Punk is less popular in Real Life than in our Second. Punk in Second Life means piercings, tattoos, accessories and who does not like that?

Punk Style outfit.

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Scully JT

Don’t you love it when a celebrity wears a fashion item for which they become recognisable by, even when they have long stopped wearing it?

Justine Timberlake can just wish to be this cool.

Scully signature outfit.

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Flights of Fancy

Sometimes, when you wear an outfit it captures your imagination. The aptly named Trade Winds from Icing does that for me. It’s a gown that should be worn on the deck of a luxury line cruiser as you watch the sun set over a mysterious horizon.

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