For and After!

Sometimes you can find on the grid a little froufrou of a gown, not available in a multitude of colors, just one color and simply gorgeous, like this Red Dragon Corset gown from The House of Nyla.

Virtual recereation of real life dress.

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According to her website, Nyla Cheeky, the designer behind The House of Nyla, is a fashion designer in real life and she created the Red Dragon Corset gown as a wedding dress for one of her clients.

Her virtual recreation is obviously a labor of love as the ruby red gown has some beautiful details, from the subtle dragon motif on the bodice, to a second layer of prim skirting with golden ribbons and dragon medallions.

The upswept hairstyle, shaped like a large bow, comes with a color change menu for the ribbon and I chose the red and added golden pumps to keep the traditional golden yellow and ruby red colors that signify a happy marriage in most Asian cultures.

Maybe you’re not planning a wedding but the Red Dragon Corset gown makes for a perfect evening or special event dress, and Nyla Cheeky has added a delectable detail, you can take off the prim skirt and voila! … a corset and delicate lace panties are revealed!

So after your date or special event if you decide to invite your current beloved back for um, coffee … it takes just a right click and you’ve slipped into something deliciously comfortable.


Skin: Soda Skins ~ 2.0 Madelyn Smokey in True Red

Hair: Tukinowaguma ~ Ribbon Hair in Black

Eyelashes: Minnu Model Skins ~ Eyelashes Mascara

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Promise Eyes in green intense 15


Gown: House of Nyla ~ Red Dragon Corset Gown

Earrings and Bracelet: Shiny Things ~ Ruma in Gold

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci ~ Dalia Pump in Gold

Gloves: Mimikri Hot Couture ~ Gloves in Red

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

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