Wurls Wurld

This Friday, Kirk & I were invited to appear on the Wurls Wurld talk show following the success of my make over with Mr. Wurlitzer Seisenbacher himself.

Chic outfit befitted of a superstar.

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I knew that my attire needed to be on the verge of formal. I also knew that no way I was wearing a suit. It is hard mixing and matching male clothing as it is that wearing a suit would simply mean “dressing from the box” which refers to buying the complete outfit and wearing a whole lot. And everyone can do that!

Great for building a colony of well dressed clones but not good for promoting KMADD Style.

I needed something with a punch, something that screamed attitude, fashion and confidence. I also wanted to combine clothing from designers that I really enjoy wearing.

You see, the show was not advertised in KMADD group as we wanted exposure to the new audience this time. Wurls has his own followers so we kept a whole thing under wraps in fear of overcrowding the sim with people that already know us.

So basically, my style needed to immediately grab the attention of “the foreign audience” and scrutiny they would impose on me while I was on the stage. The aim of the outfit was to convey my level of expertise and personal style that I was there to promote.

Lately, I can not seem to get away from wearing cowboy boots. I have definite fetish for them in Real Life and Second Life does not seem to be any different. Cowboy boots are both Maddox and me, so I thought this was a great point to start from.

Black pants in case you do not recognise them are from Redgrave (new Tux set). I actually saw DJ Azu wear them with a simple T-shirt and it took a while till my visual memory kicked in and I remembered how much I admired that whole suit when it was first released and these pants in particular.

Snake skin is such a great texture to wear and this particular jacket from Meriken Co. comes in loudest of colors, grey was not one of them – perfect! I needed to keep it black and white in this one anyway.

After choosing a skin and hair for this outfit I had a vision of Elvis (in his younger years of course); Armidi collar became perfect suggestion of that.

Details were added with Amodica gloves and jewellery from Mhaijik from her platinum & diamonds collection.

In case you are wondering my dog tag says “psycho”, it seems when I was looking for “MAD” it was already taken – oh well next best thing.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

HAIR: Novocaine Hair ~ Flynn – licorice

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes

PANTS: REDGRAVE ~ 02 Pants Elegance / low waist – Black- (part of TUX set – suit elegance black )

JACKET: Meriken Co.,Ltd ~ Jacket Gray Pyson

SHIRT: ARMIDI ~ {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Aufren Black

GLOVES: AMODICA LOOKR ~ Custom ~ Vett’s Boutique ~ V Gloves (Black)

RING: Mhaijik ~ Diamond and Platinum Ring Mns Sz

BOOTS: D2TK ~ Mens Black Cowboy Boots

TAGS: FING ~ MaleDogTag-Psycho

Style/ Model/ Model: Maddox DuPont

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