“Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another”

KMADD City threw impromptu party for Marge’s 50th Birthday this weekend. I Immediately flashed back to the time when “In bed with Madonna” came out and Madonna’s subsequent movie and the book which plagued Hollywood and press with much controversy, so what better to inspire my outfit for this momentous event?

Forbidden, sexual and dark outfit.

< complete style with it’s tricks and tips after the jump >

Just for the record I am not really Madonna fan, you know the type that goes to every concert, has every book, album, single as well as remixes. I do appreciate her music and what she has done to create an image that many so adore. She sure is inspiring, a great showgirl and has a terrific way of interpreting popular media.

Party was a blast by the way – if you are so inclined here are few photos from Madonna’s 50th @ KMADD City. We had 3hrs of non-stop Madonna remixes, with fabulous costumes dressed crowd on the stage inspired by “4 minutes” video, that took only 2 hrs to create. I think Kirk and I whipped this party in 4hrs from the scratch, risk that payed off.

The outfit that I am showing you builds on the items already featured on MAD Image that I have been wearing a lot lately – namely cowboy boots and leather pants.

As accessories are very important element of this outfit I will start with those.

Most men in Second Life shop only in male stores, right? That is natural and expected. What can be fun and unexpected as well as become original is if you use some of the female items when creating outfits. It has happened number of times that I would ask one of MAD Agency male models where they got their pants for example and they would say it is from female store. If you stumble on female clothing that you like ensure that it does not have obvious female texturing on breasts for t-shirts and very low rise for jeans, then be free to use it.

Corset, head and neck pieces obviously come from female stores and made perfect compliment to my wings, making this outfit camp to dark heavens. Head piece is from Cachet – 2 creators that always manage to come up with interesting high fashion items. I have retextured silver detail of this head piece – the piece of metal needed to be retextured sits on the top of my nose and it came in gold; as the rest of my outfit featured silver elements I applies texture and played with repeats to get it centred and just right. I then replicated silver details in my rings, belt buckle and boots. I actually made belt buckle myself, simple alpha on tortured hollowed prim. IM me if you like it and I will send it to you.

My other adjustments were of the size for both head and neck piece – it would really depend on the size of your avatar how big you would make it. What you want to esnure here is that none of the items bite into your body. I have been playing with prims from making hair to building things so this comes easy to me. All it takes is little practice.

Finally, I went to SLX to get my whip. SLX is the best place to look for when you have specific item in mind, as let’s face it SL classifieds are not always reliable.

This particular piece of accessory from Dictator Shop comes with 5 whips in one and has menu driven animations that are fun to watch in action. I got some photos to prove it, but that’s another topic all together.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: Little Heaven ~ hair13_rabi _black_f_L

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes

TATTOO: TRUTH ~ Monroe [full]


PANTS: Sweetest Goodbye ~ Monocrom – Black/ Pants (man)

CORSET: +plus ~ Corset Belt in Black* Jacket

BOOTS: D2TK ~ Mens Black Cowboy Boots

EARINGS: Multi Earrings Skull (right) – models own

WHIP: Dictatorshop ~ Black Widow Whip

WINGS: Pale Heretic ~ D WingsB


NECK: Kyoot Army ~ Wilted Wednesday Vest (shirt layer)

HARNESS: Minnu Model Skins ~ Harness(horse)

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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