Hanging to Kill

Kirk & I have a new way of resolving our arguments and freeing ourselves from all frustrations. Samurai sword fight!

Outfit with licence to kill.

< full credits & style tip after the jump >

I went to Inflict today to check Lex’s new store and discovered some new tattoos and clothing from Eclipse Development. Hoarder that I am, I got all the outfits and started to piece this look together getting a bit from this and bit from that. So yeah, this look will break your bank.

You will recognise some items from previous posts. I wanted my outfit to have my signature so I retained some of these elements for familiarity and also because they worked so well together with new things I added.

Cowboy hat (strangely as this is a spin off on samurai outfit apparently), cig, scull earnings, gloves and Mhaijik’s diamond ring were all recycled.

Tattoo was on undershirt layer to accommodate the shoulder strap. You would also need to change the attachment point for the cig if you wear piercings and face light like I do. And here is how…

Style Tip

If you are a prim whore like me you would never want to give up your face light and piercings to attach other bits. To overcome this problem try attaching the items to other areas of the body and then move the object in the right position.

To do this, instead of right clicking and wearing the item which would only attach it to default position that designer has selected for you, you need to right click on it and select attach to instead. This will show you what spots are available and will allow you to select new point.

Please note: Number of attachment points is limited. It means that you can not attach the cigarette on your spine that will not work as cig would move with the spine. Instead of look for spot that it is in the general area where you would want to place the item. For mouth for example: chin, nose, mouth, left and right ear would be ideal locations.

Samuari gear: Musashi blades is located on Samurai sim from memory. To get to them you need to track along the park to towards the playground area covered with authentic and wonderfully made traditional Japanese buildings. Once there you will be looking for a red sword on the cover displayed on rectangular vendor – these are the ones to get.

Every detail has been taken care of here, even the unpacking is the experience to be enjoyed. You can customise the swords in different colors and change modes of operation.

The best feature is when you are challenging someone on a duel. The HUD that you wear takes over your camera view and you are transported in the game within the game. It looks and feel like something from Takken; with sounds, animations and health meter.

Customer service is also superb so these are an absolute must have.

Venture out of the store in the fight area and you may stumble on few people who will be ready to slice and dice you eagerly.

KMADD news: Inflict was so impressed with new look of KMADD City that he has agreed to open his store at KMADD City, branch that is exclusive to KMADD.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

HAIR: MODERNO ~ Keith Hair – Ebon

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes

TATTOO: iNFLiCT ~ [UP] Serenity *Light* by

PANTS: Eclipse Development ~ Obsidian-Bottoms (Lowrise) – (from Obsedian Set)

SHOULDER GUARD: Eclipse Development ~ Warden – Shoulder Guard – Black – (from Obsedian Set)

BOOTS: Eclipse Development ~ IMPACT – Boot

BELT: Eclipse Development ~ Obsidian-Triple Strap Chained

ARM BAND: Eclipse Development ~ Obsidian-Arm Band (R)

SUNNIES: Eclipse Development ~ EMBER

GLOVES: AMODICA LOOKR ~ Custom ~ Vett’s Boutique ~ V Gloves (Black)

KNEE PADS: ]monogrind[ ~ buckled kneepad

ARM BELTS: ]monogrind[ ~ random upper arm belts v2

SCARF: AOHARU ~ BT_SimpleScarf_Black(Male)

RING: Mhaijik ~ Diamond and Platinum Ring Mns Sz

CIGS: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II (long ash)

SWORDS: Musashi Blades ~ Sizuka naru Shi V4.3

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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