Guitar Hero

Living in the UK means one must endure the overcast gloom of summer. Hence wiling away summer days playing Guitar Hero and SL. So you’ve plucked strings till your fingers bled but still haven’t had enough of the Rock star lifestyle? Look no further.

<It isn’t over yet, click on for more details>

This look started with my then new hair piece from Find Ash.  Finding a new favourite piece of clothing  (or a new hairdo, as it were) is always great motivation to create a new outfit. My first thought whilst changing the plasters on my bleeding fingers, was to recreate the indie-rock look that litters basement clubs and the back corner of subway cars (they have great “don’t talk to me I’m listening to my ipod” faces ).

First, strap on the skinny-fit chinos’ from Armidi–haha, I said strap on XD. With the sculptie cuffs, you get a sleek finish that is topped off by the Redgrave strap loafers nicely.  Next up I used the polo shirt from Random. The subtle texturing on the polo shirt gives it a really authentic look.

Being the Rock star of your dreams, you will no doubt be inundated with groupies wanting you to sign… *Tries to think of another word for tits* their…mammaries ?! O.o You’ll need the beautifully crafted Boon headphones to give off the impression that despite your love for mammaries, you neither have the time nor the inclination to sign them.

Finish off with an MP3 Player. This one is courtesy of 120bpm and a wrist cuff and watch from FNKY.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio Osiris 2

HAIR: *FA* ~ Calm Gangster


SHIRT: [Random] ~ Polo Shirt

PANTS: Armidi Limited ~ Low Rise Chinos

SHOES: *Redgrave* ~ Strap Loafer

GLASSES: Role Optic Glasses ~ Spirit

HEADPHONES – *booN Headphones Wood

CUFF –  FNKY! ~ Ring Cuff

WATCH – FNKY! ~ Plate Cuff Watch

MP3 PLAYER – 120bpm ~  Chakra Mp3 Player (One of a kind)

Style/Model: Rizza Soderstrom

Photography: Maddox DuPont

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