Something old, something new, something black

Fashion trends come and go, though good quality items stand the test of time. It takes a solid inventory cleaning to dig up some of the cool acquisitions of yesteryear…well, yester-month. With this look I’m going to revisit some of my favourite inventory items… with a new twist.

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Something new: We begin with the skin, which I have just recently purchased from Belleza (raising a legless robot for a son, leaves me with little time to shop). It was with great hesitation that i decided to diversify my skin collection, for I had been more than content with my collection of Abyss skins. What got me about the Ewan Tan 5 Belleza skin, is the feature laden face with its oh-so-little beauty spot and freckle. The stubble fades into the chin-strap beard, giving it a really authentic look. You may notice (people keep telling me) that this skin has a very mature look (without looking like you should be thinking about your next botox treatment). Notably, it is really easy to take pictures in this skin. Some skins have a tendency to look fantastic in one light setting and leave you looking Skeletor’s understudy the next. Facelight on/off, night/day, this skin looks great whatever the conditions. More importantly, you may never need to uncheck that little atmospheric shaders box again.

Something old: The hair is Aitui: classically styled, understated, and nicely textured. The shirt and tie by Redgrave goes very nicely with the subtly textured cardigan from Armidi. Skinny-fit jeans from Armidi–what you can always expect from a reputable designer–are rich, deep colours with a great texture. I have never hesitated buying something at Armidi whose items are of unquestionable quality…and accessible to boot.

Something black: Kalnins Gallops–not much can be said about these that hasn’t already been said. A must have for any shoe connoisseur.


If you’re afraid of the something old, I picked up an inventory trick that will help you uncover those lost treasures. Try creating an “equipped” folder and sorting it by attachment points, themes or styles. Happy hunting!


SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Ewan tan 5

HAIR:  Aitui ~ Sleepwalk

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes ~ brown intense 11


CARDIGAN:  Armidi ~ Merino Knit Cardigan

SHIRT AND TIE: Redgrave ~ Black Dot-Pattern

PANTS:  Armidi ~ A001 Jeans (Black Classic)

SHOES: Kalnins Shoes ~ Gallop

GLASSES: Nylon Outfitters – Thick Glasses (frameless)

PLUGS: iExcesos! ~ Steel Flesh Tunnels

WATCH: FNKY ~ Plate cuff watch

Model/Style: Rizza Soderstorm

Photography: Aldero Akami

3 responses to “Something old, something new, something black

  1. Like you, I am typically a wearer of the Abyss skins. I guess I see it as my “brand”. However, I do like the Ewan skin from belleza, but for some reason I feel like I look a lot like many friends I know, even with my own distinct shape (I can’t put my finger on it). Perhaps it’s time to revisit the skin to see?

    I’ll also have to take a look at Kalnins as well.

  2. I can understand your hesitation in changing your skin. It’s a hard breaking out of ones comfort zone, and trying a completely different look.

    From my own experience of trying on a huge amount of demo skins — prior to purchasing the Belleza skin. It is important to take the time to make some slight alterations to ones shape to suit the skin.

    On the subject of looking like any other Belleza wearing male. I don’t see it so much myself. I’m not sure… maybe its from spending hours upon hours upon hours… (yah catch my drift 😉 looking at my sorry face, that I’ve been able to pick on the slight subtleties that makes Rizza… Rizza.

    Kalnins are a must. 500L — for what is ultimately several different variants of a cool shoe — It’s a deal, it’s a steal….It’s sale of the fucking century.. Ya’ rly.

  3. I suppose it’s that the skin is *very* distinct, and I agree it does make you look more mature (the Abyss skin feels a bit early 20’s). However, I think my face is distinct, especially with some welcome help from Maddox. Still, I’m not like a lot of women who change skins as much as they change their shoes! Anyhoo, take a look at my flickr stream, I’ve got some test pics up.

    I did end up buying the kalnins. I LOVE that you essentially get so many options in one shoe. FANTASTIC. Really, nice dressy shoes in my favorite style that can go with just about any outfit.

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