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In my quest to find a decent suit, suitable [ oh the puns ] for a chap fit for any decent punk gig, I stumbled across a rather fetching hat from Kari… I instantly payed my lindens and sported it comfortably atop my proud shaven head, tilted back ever so slightly and wandered out of the shop chanting “engaaalaaaannddddddd!”. A few more visits to a few more stores and I was fit to walk the streets of London, pint in one hand, rolled cigarette in the other, and a classic Ian Dury tune hummed into the dying hours of a summer’s afternoon.

This… is The British Connection. Trendy nerd outfit.

< that MORE wants clicking on people >

So the hat started it all. Originally I wanted to go for a pinstriped suit, fitted, skinny fit but nothing I could find met my terrible perfectionism. It was in Aitui I found the cardigan, perfect I thought to compliment a nice black tie and white shirt. Both of which, easily found in both my inventory [ the Gisaci Classic Italia tie ] and at Muism, an understated yet very useful white Paradigm shirt with rolled up sleeves.


The tie is actually not how it comes out of the box, I actually edited two of the different tie sets and joined them together. The tie comes as a set – the one I have on, designed to be worn with a suit tucked into the jacket or vest. However it does not come with those parts that go into the collar, so I took another version of the tie.. the full, long version and used that part from there. Placing both items on the ground and joining them together means that I can wear both items as one and therefore create a completely different tie altogether. Naturally this item is moddable so it can be adjusted to fit.

The button on my cardigan is in fact a simple one i made myself. get your hard hats out and brush off some dusty textures guys! All it is is a hollowed out, flattened sphere, with an alpha layer on the outside, and the union jack texture on the inside. Fiddly, but well worth the time getting it right to add that individual touch to your outfit.

The trousers, a pair which I use on more than one occasion, are the Armidi Limited, low rise chinos which I find go with a lot of different jackets and t-shirts. I have found that in many of my outfits these are repeatedly appearing. Not a bad thing either! I re-use alot of items in my outfits… though I do try and avoid repetition as much as possible.

On that note, some new shoes were in order! So back I went to Kari and purchased myself a quality pair of S&S&T high tops. A lot of converse style shoes out there on the grid, but these I thought looked just right. I nice contrast to the tie and shirt I feel.

… and since I felt I deserved some nicotine… I stopped by Primitive Island to grab a pack of their delicious cigarettes. Attatched to the mouth, slanted off to the side making sure its dead in between of my lips. Ahhh … much better.

So off I strut, down Camden street to buy myself a pint of nice, refreshing Spitfire in the Dog N Duck, watch a bit of premiere league… and perhaps get into a fight with an elderly homeless guy who wants my kebab.

Get ya coat luv… your pulled.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Redgrave ~ 09B Jan Tanned Skin / bald hair / jaw beard

EYES: (Avatar) ~ Adorable. (blue)


JACKET: Aitui ~ Cardigan – Plain – Coal

PANTS: Armidi ~ Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Coal]

SHIRT: Muism ~ Paradigm Shirt/White Roll-up Sleeve

HAT: Kari ~ Rude Boy hat

SHOES: Kari ~ S&S&T high tops – Shoe base

TIE: Gisaci ~ Classic Italia Tie Set [ modified ]

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

6 responses to “[ akami ] ~ The British Connection

  1. Lyra ~ well aint it good you have one then.

    Efemera and Gahum ~ Thank you very much guys ^_^

    Emi ~ London! Oxford! Both great cities. Thank you, just ask me for a badge next time luv ;P

  2. I love this look!So new wave beattle.The sweater with that bottom made all the dif i like how you mixed classic with modern.Very Well Done!

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