Bond… James Bond

I often get asked where to get formal attire that no one else has. It can be challenging finding formal attire that no one else is wearing, especially if you are like to dress out of the box (meaning wearing outfit as it is).

In this post I show you how to mix and match to achieve the look that is unlikely others would have.

Two sexy, dashing mix and match outfits to suit you next formal affair.

< get suave in a second – shaken not stirred >

Most big launch parties require formal attire so if you are leading active social life in Second Life, chances are you would be forced to dress formally at one time or another. My excuse was Launch Party which was a very important event for us and which required James Bond theme of dress.

Usually for big events such as these we would organise formal part of the event with live singer, speeches, ballroom dances and less formal part with DJs and club dancing. This time was no different. This meant I needed 2 outfits to feel comfortable as we all know dancing in the suit never is that comfortable.

The first outfit that I am showing you here is for formal part of the evening.

If you know my styles you would know that I am not the one who dresses cheaply, and I am not talking about cheap clothes here. Most things that I would wear or dress my shapes in come from various outfits that you would have to own all of them to be able to create the look. That all adds up in the end since these items are not sold separately. However, that is a small price to pay for an original look. Otherwise you will find yourself looking like a person standing next to you and that’s one thing everyone is trying to avoid in Second Life.

So to create this unique formal look I took LAST CALL Divinity tux still available in MODERNO Store at KMADD City. I think we are the only sim on the grid that stocks them by the way. Most people have forgotten about LAST CALL since they have closed their store, which means that most people would wear it. Out of this outfit I took sculptie bow tie added some light grey tint to make it darker and these tux pants, which are proper tux pants with satin stripe on the side of the leg.

I then needed nice collar shirt and for that I chose REDGRAVE’s white shirt. Since it came only as short sleeve version and had to be on shirt layer I was unable to poof the sleeves nor have cuffs sticking out under the jacket, so I borrowed the undershirt layer from REDGRAVE’s latest Elegance release (tux) to overcome this problem.

For opened tux jacket go to Blaze and for shoes to go with tuxedo FNKY shoes were perfect choice.


Always choose shoes with no laces for tuxedo, they look sleeker and smarter than laced versions. I saw on one of the blogs someone wearing AKEYO chucks with tuxedo – a BIG no no. If you are going on audition for revival of Sienfield that could be a good idea otherwise please NO.

These particular FNKY shoes have quite high shoe base which needs to be adjusted so to avoid short pants Michale Jackson look. Whenever you get a new item and try it on for the first time it is a good idea to examine it’s default settings and ensure that its properly fit. Designer’s default settings may not always work so well. I can imagine that last thing that they want to think about after mucking around with prims for ages is if their shoe base is correct height. This is for you to decide and alter to suit your needs and look.

I called this look James Bond on duty.

So there you go – original and well fitted formal look that will surely make others wonder who was the designer. Good luck explaining!

After the speeches and ballroom it comes time to take the jacket off, loosen the tie, light a cigarette and get Martini. This is James Bond off duty outfit.

I just love how masculine and sexy this look is. And what makes it so? Well, let’s see…

Rolled up sleeves to show strong forearms – sexy. Unbuttoned shirt with big collar showing your hard chest  – sexy. Leather holster to show you mean business and have training to back it up – sexy. Loosened bow tie to shows your skill at making a knot rather than wearing clip or God forbid elastic bow ties – sexy. Cig to show that you are invincible and like to live dangerously – somewhat sexy.

And nice watch which is always sexy on a man. I swear if I did not hate watches so much in Real Life, I would wear one.


Bow tie used here needed to be adjusted to fit right under the collar of this shirt. You can do this by right clicking on it > go to edit > in edit window check edit linked parts > move pieces separately from one another to fit them properly. In my case I moved them more apart, set them higher and pulled them bit forward as well. Not hard to do once you get a hang of it.

Bow tie did come with a shirt which I did not use so another case of mix and match here. This particular shirt comes from Tango New York, another store at KMADD City.

To visit KMADD City ~ Male Fashion Capital with over 70 quality male fashion stores – go to SEARCH > PLACES > type KMADD

Photos and official speech from LAUNCH are coming shortly – in the meantime visit us at

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: -Belleza- Ewan tan 0 bald

HAIR: Novocaine Hair – Flynn – licorice

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


OUTFIT 1 – James Bond on duty

PANTS: LAST CALL ~ Divinity Tuxedo Pants

SHIRT: REDGRAVE ~ Shirt WHITE TOP plain/closed

& for sleeves REDGRAVE 04c Shirt Elegance -White- [upper] // Solo (part of outfit)

BOW TIE: LAST CALL ~ from Divinity Tux pack Sculpted Bowtie

JACKET: Blaze* Regal2 Tux Jacket (part of outfit)

SHOES: FNKY! Styles-Plain Black (Medium)

GLASSES: *Sergeys* Glasses Boston Black

RING: Mhaijik Titanium w Black Ring Mns Sz
OUTFIT 2 – James Bond off duty

PANTS: LAST CALL ~ Divinity Tuxedo Pants

SHIRT: {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt – Ajan Blue

TIE: TNY ~ black neck tie loose big male fit (part of outfit)

SHOES: FNKY! Styles-Plain Black (Medium)

GUN: 1911 Shoulder Straps Black 2

GLASSES: *Sergeys* Glasses Boston Black

WATCH: KR Executive Watch Silver/Blue

RING: Mhaijik Titanium w Black Ring Mns Sz

Model/Style/Photography: Maddox DuPont

6 responses to “Bond… James Bond

  1. Awesome! Great tips that I will be bookmarking for the next guy who wants (or needs) help dressing formal 🙂 You look fab!

  2. thanks Tesa – no need to bookmark darling just use categories on the side of this page – you will be able to find it easily

  3. Good tips Maddox. I personally would add that laced shoes can be worn with a tux, but they must *not* be open laced shoes. In RL you wear either opera pumps or closed laced oxfords. In Second Life, the safest bet is as you say, a no-lace shoe, and I agree that it looks sleeker and better.

  4. Maddox,

    Can you tell me if the Sergeys glasses are still available somewhere? I can’t find a LM anywhere. Perhaps the creator’s name? Same thing with the KR watch …

    Love your style and taste! ❤

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