Big trouble in little Ahern

As a child of the eighties I have a deep affinity for all the bad action movies of that era: from the likes of Carl Weather in Action Jackson, Kurt Russell in Big trouble in Little China, [Insert any Chuck Norris related movie here]… Most of my favourite movies which qualify for the so-bad-it’s-almost-good award contain action hero legend Mr. Sly Stallone. So with my favourite freebie hair in tow, and a crazy Danish chick at my side (don’t ask where I’m packing my cigs), I enter into my killing spree with sly-style.

<Click on for more details. (medallion-wearing men need not apply)>

In my last post i came clean: everything I say is not, in fact, gospel. This is, after all, your world. This one may be difficult to chop and change, however. I’m wearing Light_mohawk by DMAT Allento to get the Sly effect. I found out about the hair via a blog posting by Dpende Control (Dunno who he is?! Shame on you). As your friendly neighborhood fashion blogger, I ventured out for you lovely people, to see if it was still readily available. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck *sad face*. BUT look, it’s a freebie *cheesy Hollywood grin* and as freebies go, the style is great and goes with…almost everything.

The jacket is by :sey. The gold piping contrasts well with the black velour texture. Finding a matching pair of pants to go with this jacket could’ve been a chore, but yet again Muism comes up trump. These do come with prim attachments, but I’ve decided to forego the sculpties because they break into my Pornstar chucks.

Now if you’ll excuse me *slides on his Role Optic Aviators*, I have a Danish chick to attend to… *heads into the next room with Faint and some heavy-looking leather straps*.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Ewan tan 5

HAIR:  DMAT Allento ~ Light_mohawk

BODY HAIR: BODY HAIR SHOP by [vdbv.designs] ~ {Dionysus}


JACKET:  :sey  ~ Scorpion Black

PANTS:  *Muism* ~  LB Trouser

SHOES: PornStar ~ Hi-Tops

GLASSES: Role Optic ~  Spirit

Style/Model: Rizza Soderstrom

Photography: Aldero Akami

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