Do you speak Gbberish?

We are 6 weeks away from Melbourne Carnival and it’s time to think about what to wear at the races. These quality suits from Gbberish fit the bill too well.

Gbberish is just one of many great designers for men that you can find at KMADD City ~ Male Fashion Capital.

3 suits for 3 different guys

< style tips & info after the jump >

Spring is knocking on our door in south hemisphere, weather is warming up and parks are alive with people having their lunches and picnics.

First suit that I am showing you here is for the warmer days. All suits come with open and closed jacket, 2 different bow ties and prim attachments for your sleeves – no need to poof your sleeves for this one.


Wearing  hair with a hat requires adjusting hair prims so they do not stick out of at the top of your hat. Right click on your hair, go to edit, check edit linked parts in your edit window and off you go.

Be careful not to create bald spots under hat rim which is very easy to do if you are all focussed on removing the prims that are above it, since some of the ends are used to create volume in other areas on your head. There is no easy way to do this and it will take some time; at the end make sure you save the copy of this hair for future use with other hats.

Other alternative is going bald or using skin which has hair; in my case this was not an option since the skin does not come with hair.


SKIN: MiA ~ Male Tan Skin-Strapping

HAIR: Find Ash ~ High Wind[Royal Blond]

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 3

SHAPE: LAITH by MADesigns (young & thin collection)


SUIT: Gbberish ~ Savile Row Tux

SHOES: Jeepers Creepers ~ Scratch Sand/Brown

HAT: The HAT SHOP ~ ‘Bogart’ Fedora (cream/black band)

RING: Mhaijik Found Objects Copper Ring

CIGAR: Hambler Cigar 3.0 Ring 10 -Hand

Sunday at the church style – time to wash out our sins.


Sometimes when you are wearing a suit for a first time you may not see the attachments like this bow tie for example. This could be due to your shape being thicker than the shape designer used to set attachment default position. Obviously unless you can not see the bow time there is no way of pulling it out as you can not click on it. To overcome this problem go into appearance reduce bofy thickness under shape then save and exit. Now you can move the attachment out and adjust it once you restore your original shape settings.

All that is left is them to fit the attachment to your shape.

Same thing applies when wearing piercing that no longer show when you changed your shape – they have probably been swallowed with your new spunky face. In this case reduce the size of your head and you will be able to pull them out.


SKIN: <TheAbyss> Scorpio_Orion[3]B Body Hair [Skullcap]

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 3

SHAPE: Cross by MADesigns (body perfect collection)


SUIT: Gbberish ~ Savile Row Tux

SHOES: Jeepers Creepers ~  Carl Perkins White

RING: Mhaijik Found Objects Steel Ring

UMBRELLA: aC Store ~ Dancing in the Rain:::Umbrella

This is the preview of the shape I am doing for AC Store. Cute ha?

I really wanted to give him paper to hold, but just could not find any and I just could not have been bothered making some. So use your imagination.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: AC Store ~ GloX – Venus MALESkin.NaturalTAN T#2

HAIR: ARGRACE ~ Hunting – Natural Wavy – Black

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 4

SHAPE by MADesigns – coming soon…


SUIT: Gbberish ~ Savile Row Tux

SHOES: Kalnins Shoes ~ Classica

RING: Mhaijik Things ~ Ratri Night Dark Ring

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

2 responses to “Do you speak Gbberish?

  1. As I said in the flickr thread, the plaid suit is very reminiscent of the sack suits worn at the turn of the century in the US. Plaid was en vogue at the time.

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