Play Me!

Cheerno Destiny from AC Store sent me some of his new skins few days ago. I agreed to make some shapes so that Cheerno and Sally would style them. After 4 hrs that it took me to make shapes I decided to take a break and I stumbled across Monogrind’s new locations where I got this armour. Cheerno’s skin and armour simply called to each other.

Urban cool style.

< style tip & tricks after the jump >

After pairing skin and the armour I needed to find a shirt as I did not like bare skin look much in this particular case . This new release from Mechanism called: Play me! was a perfect fit. Colors, title, textures – it all kind of tied in together.

Stars from Negko Designs & gloves from Calypso Giano teamed well also.


Look for the ways to tie everything together in the outfit – either by repeating color, similiar textures/patterns or could be the lighting that is on the clothing. This may lead to some awesome outfits and teaches you how to recognise when things just don’t look right. After mastering this you can start breaking the pattern and introducing contrast.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: (AC STORE) GloX – Venus MALESkin.MAKEup [jock paint] – TaN

HAIR: CHASE ~ “Splash” -Coal Black

EYES: MADesigns ~ NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


JEANS: Gbberish ~ Soul Jeans (Black Hawk)

TANK: MECHANISM ~ tank *play me*

SHOES: monogrind ~ L asphalt stomper in black

TATTOO: Negko Design ~ Tattoo 90: made of stars undershirt ( I wore both layers undershirt and shirt for darker look )

GLOVES: Calypso Giano ~

GEAR: monogrind ~ football shoulder pads

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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