Candy Boy

Why do we fear color so much? I venture into unknown only to get inspired and explode in the bouquet of color.

fun candy sweet style

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Sometimes it’s great to take yourself into the unknown and find something like this great Smile Tee from ‘4Eva GuTta’ (yeah a Women’s, so what!) It was certainly the starting place for this fun style and I was quite pleased how I was able to pull it off.

Argrace’s Hunting Cap set to white and MADesigns SOUL eyes in Blue 7 were the base for this colorful outift.

The ‘Pink’ pants are the creation of color guru Meriken Co. (another great place to start a colorful look) and some Kari High Tops in the ‘Sail Away Bitch!’ motif tied in with the Blue Tee perfectly. A few great color accessories on this one, the messenger bag or ‘crate digger’ bag from Kari, and Vintage Wear Fabulous Shades with Lemon-Lime Lenses, a wither watch in Turqoise and a freebie Cherries Jubilee Pin from Ingenue.

Hooray for color!

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Skin: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 7 bald

Hair: ARGRACE ~ Hunting – Natural Wavy-White

Eyes: MADesigns ~ SOUL eyes Blue 7


Pants: Meriken-Co ~ pants Pink

T-Shirt: 904.~ iL3 – FT

Shoes: Kari ~ Sail away bitch! High tops

Glasses: (VW) Fabulous Shades ~ Plain – Lemon-Lime Lens

Watch: wither ~ turquoise watch M

Accessorie: Ingenue ~ Cherries Jubilee Pin ~ Freebie!, Kari ~ Crate digger bag

Style/Model: Volcom Praga

Photography: Aldero Akami

3 responses to “Candy Boy

  1. I like color, but on other people, plus I can’t play into the stereotype east coast people sometimes have that we Californians dress in bright, loud colors all the time.

    Still that’s an outfit that works, Bravo, Volcom!

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