Muism Guerilla [Limited]

“When it rains it pours” the saying goes and just when I was thinking I would be struggling for quality men’s haute couture items to show in November’s issue of RUNWAY Magazine, both AC Store and Muism came to the rescue.

Now if you ever wondered how 10,000L outfit would look like, well here it is and I explain how and why so read on.

winter casual suit and coat

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Time to snuggle

It sure is, with Sweetest Goodbye’s new release you are sure to be the most cuddliest person in sight.

warm winter casual

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AC Couture

After writing the article about Men’s Haute Couture for RUNWAY Magazine (November issue) I felt inspired to play with wonderful clothing from AC Store using their latest haute couture release. This is the preview of the item that will be on sale at their store from 1st of November till 31st of December.

emo punk jock cool winter style

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Long Live Paper & Scissors

I can’t resist those great novelty t-shirts, they add fun to any outfit and show off a bit of personality.

< get complete style info via the link >

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New Poses @ MADesigns ~ Model set # 1

I always had trouble finding good male model poses in Second Life. Men are usually represented in more stereotyped poses that are often stiff and look unnatural. My other complaints were poses with double joints, poses that distort clothing and  hands that don’t quite end up in the right place. But don’t start me with eyes; one of my pet hates is head position and not being able to self-photograph (unless you use your alt to take photos of yourself) because eyes would always end up in the back of my head.

After listing everything I did not want my poses to be and spending time with MAD Agency models talking to them about poses that they need, I finally found time to start making some descent model poses for men.

This is the first in the series of Model poses for men (there are 3 so far) available at our MADesigns store @ KMADD City.

All poses come with fixed and free head version (available only in the fat pack) – this will allow you flexibility of changing head & eye direction when used with models.

[ click to enlarge and get the closer look ]

In Darkness Costume

So here it is my “In Darkness” costume I promised I would deliver by the end of the week. I hope this gives you some ideas on what to wear to your special event.

Halloween Costume

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