Live to dress another day

*Eagerly opens the invite to the Kmadd city opening*
Rizza: Lookit! The invitation has arrived!
*sits down and starts reading*
Faint: What’s the theme?!
Rizza: Bond… 😀
Faint: Oh! I saw a great dress at Muism I could wear
Rizza: Yea, you’d look hawt fosho
Faint: Nu Uuuuuu!
Rizza: Wait a second.. I would as well…
*light bulb*
Faint: You thinking what I’m thinking?!
Rizza: What that the cake is a lie?! *shakes his fist*
*Faint pulls Rizza close and whispers in his ear*
*Rizza makes an ‘O’ face* …(nooo not THAT ‘O’ face–the other one.)

<Read on as I stumble and fall out of my comfort zone…>

As many of you maybe aware, 20th September was a big day for people working within the Kmadd family (and family members of those involved can attest to this–late nights make for cranky stylists and the like). Finally, it was time for the grand opening of Unsurprisingly, Maddox and Kirk had worked up another great theme for this event: James Bond. Should be easy right? Don a tux and you instantly resemble somebody on her majesty’s secret service…dust of your retainer and you could pass for Jaws. (You may want to try closing one eye first on this one, then down a couple shots of vodka, and possibly add a handstand into the mix). However,  things aren’t ever that easy for the likes of me, especially when you have a gf who enjoys skipping around your living area playing a cute faun. So we tried to come up with something different… did we do it? I’d like to think so.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the team behind Muism. Icemocolo and Migi Voom kindly gave us copies of their Black tuxedo set, and Minimal dress. We paraded around a number of stores with the hopes of finding something that would compliment each others’ outfit; not only that but something which we would be able to customise for the switch. Muism was one of our first stops, and we needed to go no further. From my experience with Muism clothing, I knew just what to expect. Fully modifiable items, clothing on many different layers–all essential to creating a custom look.

Let’s start off with the dress. As I pondered the idea of wearing a dress to the opening, I knew right away it was going to take a really special dress for me to even continue entertaining the idea. I have to confess to not liking poofy skirts not because they look bad, but because of the way they break through avatars. So, it was high on my list to find something with a scupltie or prim piece which would end up being the skirted part of the outfit. Imagine the excitement I felt when I spotted the Minimal dress at Muism–great textures, accessible, it was a must have.

The dress actually comprises of several different jacket and shirt layers to enable the wearer to create 4 different looks. Even though it had slipped my mind to shave my pits before the evening in question, the strapless option was my favourite not only because my style as a tendency to lean towards the understated and mature look, but also because I thought this would give me a great opportunity to show off my man hair from the body hair shop. The outfit is easily customisable — even for someone with a bulky frame like myself — so no problems in getting the prim bow attached and looking good (although constantly having to pull up the dress over my moobs was getting tiresome at this point). After looking through Faints endless supply of quality footwear we stopped at the red Dela’s perhaps because women’s shoes don’t really generate a huge amount of excitement for me — or perhaps it was because the Dela’s were a perfect match and great quality (I’d say with confidence it was the latter). To try and disguise my hairy legs, I wore a pair of shear tights from Sheer. The outfit was accentuated with a red clutch from Dela and a bullet necklace from 120bpm. Now I was ready to strut my stuff (by strut I mean fall… a lot).

A tuxedo was the other half of the plan. Muism is one of the first names on many lips when it comes to male fashion. So we knew we would be able to find something there. The tuxedo outfit comes boxed in four different sizes — making it easy for even the daintiest little faun to be transformed into a gun-toting secret agent. The outfit, similar to the dress, is mix and match because of the layering options available. The pictures speak for themselves at this point — finely detailed with sculptie parts which give it depth.

*Pulls his dress back up over his hairy pecs and tries to straighten the wrinkles in his Sheer tights. Shakily starts walking towards Faint, reaches out and straightens her bow tie.*
Rizza: Ready, dear?
Faint: Yus, ready.


Even the likes of Ice and Gigi can’t cater for every single possible shape size. Hence, the reason they leave the outfits mod, so you the wearer can tailor the clothing to suit your avatar. More complicated prim parts can be difficult to fit properly… We’ve all been there: you’ve tried to edit a part which looks great from one angle but still doesn’t fit properly in others. With modifiable items you can edit each linked part individually without the need to rez it on the ground first. Simply right click on the prim part you’d like to edit, check the >> Stretch both sides >> stretch texture >> and edit linked part box. Now, still in edit mode, simply…left click on each individual prim you would like to adjust (this edits it independently of any other prim). If you need to adjust two or more prims together so they’re symmetrical, hold down left shift, when selecting prims — this will select both (you should notice before you go any further that the prims you want to mod will both be highlighted). Be sure to make copies before following the tips! Take your time, and it should come together for you… (if not Kmadd enterprises and more importantly ME cannot be held responsible for any fashion disasters).

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Ewan tan

HAIR:  FA Calm gangster ~ Neo Black

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes ~ brown intense 11

BODY HAIR: The body hair shop ~ Dionysus


DRESS: Muism ~ New Minimal

GLOVES: Vette’s Boutique ~ V Gloves

PURSE: =Dela*=  ~ Clutch bag “Zazu” Crocodile Garnet

SHOES: =DeLa*= ~ Pumps “Helia” Red

STOCKINGS: *Sheer* ~ Stockings 01: Nylon Black

NECKLACE: 120bpm ~ kill and cover necklace

Manly look


SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Ewan tan

HAIR:  Laqroki ~ Roulette Black

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes ~ brown intense 11

BODY HAIR: The body hair shop ~ Dionysus


SUIT: *Muism* ~ Black Tuxedo

SHOES: Kalnins Shoes ~ Gallop

2 responses to “Live to dress another day

  1. I have to say, you totally work that dress like it was made for you! I agree with the poofy dresses, and if I were to wear a dress, I’d prefer something with a slim line like the one you chose.

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