Rock like A Star!

From time to time it is good to feel like a Rock Star.

Sex, particles and rock’n’roll.

the “poms” made me do it.

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Ice sent me this jacket almost a month ago saying “it is so you Maddox”. He knows me well. I flashed back to Bros. brothers from 80s with that collar straight away. I have been meaning to wear it for a while but just had no inspiration for it. I really wanted this look to be special.

Then Juwan from JuJu’s closet made Lindal make a special delivery of his killer drooling boots. Another person that knows my weakness for everything leather, especially if it is pointy.

Finally my inspiration kicked in…

These boots are awesome. You can change texture on bandanna and they come in choices of sizes to suit everyone’s foot. Lindel is new designer and can now be found at KMADD City – he only has 3 items currently – bracelet and aviators being equally good in quality.

NC who is also at KMADD City offers some crafty accessories and this particular belt with hat, bum bag and keys was perfect for my messy biker’s hair and things that may get lost in pockets at high speeds.


You know what I miss in SL?  I miss nice big chunky rings worn on your thumb. So I thought, why not change the attachment point and make some. Ring from Platinum Collection from Mhaijik was perfect for that.

I actually have 2 same rings and one I am wearing on my thumb and the other I attached to the other hand. Now sometimes when you change the attachment point for rings – for example from left to right hand – you may not see a ring as it gets swallowed up by your hand. Go to appearance and adjust the hand size till you can see it and pull it out, then restore original hand size settings and adjust the ring.

For this particular outfit I also needed to reduce my butt size to ensure that belt is not cutting into it. I am very fussy about attachments being fitted properly. This is why I spent around 15 minutes editing hair around ears and earrings position and size to make everything fit right. The good news is, once you have done this you can reuse items and do not have to do it again.

I struggled with finding a right t-shirt for this outfit. I wanted something with long sleeves then I can loosen the sleeves of the jacket as it looks better that way but nothing really suited the jacket. I then used white top from Amodica and thankfully it was long sleeve and modify so I was able to loosen the sleeves and tint it in this nice soft red which was identical color of the emblem on the back of my jacket. The reason I did that is because the shortness of the jacket showed some of the t-shirt , at least there was some color harmony happening this way.

Just an FYI – it took 2.5hours to assemble and edit this style. Not bad ha?


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: Find Ash ~ High Wind[Neo Black]

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


T SHIRT: AMODICA LOOKR ~ Heaven’s Security ~ White (tinted)

JACKET: Muism ~ UK Rock N Rolla Jacket/Black

BOOTS: Rawdolls ~ Catbash Boots Large – Foot

NAILS: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

RINGS: Mhaijik ~ Titanium Sleek Ring Mns Sz

BELT: [NC] ~ Belt05-Black-L

GLASSES: ORIGINAL SIN ~ Sunglasses-Montreal Black

EARINGS: Muism ~ Jewelled Stud/ [5mm]_Right

Muism ~ Ear piercing Mix#01_Left

9 responses to “Rock like A Star!

  1. Argh! I was going to blog this jacket! XD

    I love it though. It’s also available in a sleeveless version which looks tres cool.

    This outfit looks the part though.

  2. Thank you very much Caleb – I am glad you like it. Certain styles are effortless and some require great deal of time – the good thing is rewards are also great!!

    thank you for your comment Caleb

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