[ akami ] ~ The Guy all the Girls Want

I have an essay due in less than three hours, a football practice to attend, and a girlfriend who needs to go shopping… without me… damn my car. I’m in my underpants, in my bedroom, finishing off the last few sentences in a piece entitled “Using examples where appropriate, discuss the geographical growth of the American oil industry and how its imprint on foreign economic success has affected the access of automobiles among young people.” … exactly, I have no idea what it means either, but its nearly done, and I need to dress the part. I need casual, I need cool, practical but nothing fussy. Admittedly my options are limited due to the fact that last fortnight of frat parties has left half my clothing missing, or altered in colour. Get ready for the speediest rush to college you ever did see.

I am that guy. The one every girl wishes to go to the prom with. The one the coach pushes too hard, and the one the guys wish they could be…

… this is the College Corridor Heart Throb. Sporty, Casual school guy wear.

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Okay so I’m English, yes. I was also, never a cool kid at school, let alone a heart throb. Unbelievable I know, but it was along time ago! I also NEVER handed an essay in on time, or ‘assignment’ as some of our American friends here will refer to it. My taste in clothes wasn’t so much my taste but rather my mother’s. Anyway despite all these rather embarrassing nuggets of information which I will no doubt regret after this is posted for all to see, I can still be a ‘Frat Bro’ if I want to be. And so I stand, in the busy hallway, standing at my locker, adorned by young school girl fans sighing at me as they walk past, my jocky, slightly obtuse male friends standing all around me, choosing to ignore that those girls aren’t looking at them.

With this outfit I started with the green polo shirt from Elephant Outfitters, and I wanted to create an outfit that said casual, sporty yet stylish. So I ran around my usual shopping haunts and found the rather lovely sculpted styled sneakers from Redgrave, with their go faster pattern on the side… perfect for handing in that last minute article on some mundane topic your tutor thought up as a way to enlighten your summer. The pants, a brown pair of Ruvido Slacks from Gisaci, the crease of the trouser leg contrasting quite nicely with the sneakers. The hair, Find Ash’s nice and short High Wind was a perfect fit for the whole ensemble, and a trip to my inventory to add this comfy FNKY leather cuff watch, which I edited slightly colour wise.

Running round to find a decent bag to finish off with, I wanted something to put all my pens in, my books in… my hip flask of rum in… #cough# … and after MUCH searching, and I do emphasise that, I found this really great bag by Gritty Kitty. It has a multiple choice of images that you can click through to go on the front of the bag, the one pictured being the most simple of them all, looking great slung over my shoulder.

So here I am, standing in the line for lunch, somewhat exhausted from too little sleep, about to stock up on some carbs before this afternoons practice… and there she is, my girlfriend waltzing into the room followed by her band of mean girls. She’s dressed completely in pink, and she cant get enough of me. What more could a school boy ask for?

… well a little less pink would be a start…


Not especially a ‘tip’ as such, but rather something I discovered for myself whilst making this outfit… and that is you don’t always have to be wearing a tattoo. I love tattoos, especially in SL as you can change them / get rid of them at will. I generally always wear one, but with this Jan skin by Redgrave, I had never actually seen the arms without one on, and it made quite a difference. I was more hench for one! Man those veins really pop out. So if you are like me, and you never take your tattoo off… try it once in a while, you might even like it better.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Redgrave ~ 09B Jan Tanned Skin / bald hair / jaw beard

HAIR: Find Ash ~ High Wind[Charcoal Gray]

EYES: (Avatar) ~ Adorable. (blue)


JACKET: Elephant Outfitters ~ Classic Heritage Polo – Green

PANTS: Gisaci ~ Ruvido Slacks – Cioccolato

SHOES: Redgrave ~ Style Sneakers -Brown

BAG: Gritty Kitty ~ Markup & Style Bag

WATCH: FNKY! ~ Plate Cuff Watch – Black (Large)

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

9 responses to “[ akami ] ~ The Guy all the Girls Want

  1. And he writes well too!? …/me melts… Chases after you after you and hopes you ask me to the prom. I love that bag ^^ good choice and I love that color green too.

  2. That is a very smart look, Aldero. Not one I typically wear in SL (as it’s very casual prep to me), but it is very basic but well put together. in RL, I’d usually go with a pair of khakis or Chinos, but the slacks here work well.

  3. Thank you Lyra babes ^_^ …. wanna go to the prom with me?

    Thanks Gahum. I’ll admit its not one I’d usually don either but i like looking different parts and having the option in my inventory. Plus it was a challenge getting it all together. In RL… I’d never wear that shirt lol.

  4. Well I admit I also like looking different parts as well. I might not have an as extensive inventory as you likely do, but I admit, Gahum does own a few polos :).

    In RL I’d never wear that shirt either. Lots of my friends wear the polo shirts, but I can’t bring myself to buy them, particularly because in RL I associate them with plenty of douchebags, especially if the collars are “popped” (not folded down). Hell, in SL I can barely bring myself to buy items with unfolded collars :).

  5. Oh good god yes the ‘popped’ pink polo shirt with a simple gold necklace… track bottoms and bad trainers. EGH.

    Maybe a burberry cap rested on the back of the head… some gold signit ring perhaps, a fag behind the ear… bottle of white lightning in one hand.

    I think you’d have to be from England to see where I’m going with this ^^

    But yea if the look works, I’ll wear it.

  6. Oh yes, I know about that look! Here, a similar outfit is basketball or football jerseys worn very baggy, sagging baggy jeans, and sneakers/trainers, a cap or even a terry cloth head band, matching trashy attitude as well.

    Normally, I wear things I would wear in RL, but occasionally I’ll have Gahum wearing things I probably wouldn’t even if I looked just like him. If it works, it works.

  7. Ah yea, I think I am familiar with it… as much as and Enlgish boy can be anyway. The people who were the clothing I mentioned above are nicknamed ‘townies’ … I might get Rizza to do a collab outfit since he’s knows them well. He’ll probably want to be the girl townie. lol.

    Anyway as far as what I dress my avatar in, I think I wear just what I would in RL if I A) had the money, and B) had the body. heh.

  8. the guy all the girls want?!?!! *runs frantically towards Aldero and neally bowls him over* Where? wheere? …hay. Aldero u tricked me. I don’t see Rizza here anyplace :/

  9. Ah yes, I’ve heard of the term ‘townie’. I’ve also heard about ‘chav’ (which I believe many of us in the US would call ‘ghetto’, most likely). One of the other terms we have here in the US is ‘Guido’, which makes fun of typically Italian-American young men who have terrible fake tans, spiked hair, tight polo shirts or club shirts, gold chains, and this bizarre pout in pictures. I’m sure you’ve run across it.

    I would definitely love to see a collab outfit featuring townie fashion. Bonus points if Rizza actually plays the part of the girl townie. ;).

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