Skater Boi

“He was a skater boy, She said see ya later boy, He wasn’t good enough for her! Now he’s a supe..” Uhmmm *Pulls his headset off of his head* This isn’t what it looks like honest…I was just…uhh…because…Anyway *coughs* I took my younger brother shopping the other day, and we happened to chance on this store selling some pretty cool sports gear. So skateboarding is the basis for this rawk outfit.

<Jump onto the skateboard for more info>

I’ve been wearing the Ewan skin by Belleza for only a few days, but I’m as obsessed as a teenage girl chasing after a pop star. It’s complimented by MADesigns PROMISE eyes in brown intense 11. The nails by Love Soul are a glove layer, which I prefer over prim nails because they don’t hang of when my pose changes.

There are three key items to making the outfit the right mix of punk and i’m-too-cool-FO-school (which really means “u likey? IM me”): the backpack, the tee and the glasses. The board-backpack was a lucky find; I stumbled on Action Surf & Sk8te one afternoon and picked it up for my *ahem* alt. A few weeks later i had to pick it up on my main account. The key? Menu driven. It’s really easy to modify sculpts these days because more and more creators are including sizing scripts. This one does it for EACH prim. The glasses are menu driven as well, for colour. Slotted 80s shades have been in fashion all summer, and these from 120bpm are a fun piece for any outfit. The tee is from the Nekkid tree…I mean The Naked tree…wtfever tree it fell from doesn’t matter cause it’s hot. They have a great selection, but I chose Emarosa because it’s bishin’. As for the pants, two words: Japanese sims. The textures and prims on the clothes from Aoharu are very well done, and they have a great selection for the ladies as well.

Accents include a stocking cap from Muism, FNKY trainers and headphones AND watch (you can always count on FNKY or Muism for a quality item, and the shoes are menu driven as well), an armband from Tonic and a custom MP3 player from 120bpm.

“ya Im with a skaterboy, I said see ya later boy!” *waves* ((Note I actually had to google the lyrics to Avril Lavigne – Skater Boy, in no way do i own or have ever listened to Skater boy in its entirety. Its the truth guv’nor.))


SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Ewan tan 5

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes ~ brown intense 11

PAINTED NAILS: [ Love Soul ] ~ Mens Checker


BEANIE: Muism ~ Rio

TEE: The Naked Tree ~ Emarosa

PANTS:  Aoharu ~ Clopped Pants Black

BACKPACK: Action Surf & Sk8te ~ Gray/Mike Hand Boar

SHOES: FNKY! ~ Racers II

GLASSES: 120bpm ~  Slotted 80s Shades


WATCH: FNKY! ~ Plate cuff watch

WRIST: -TONIC- ~ Black Arm Bandana

MP3 PLAYER: 120bpm ~ Custom

Model/Style: Rizza Soderstorm

Photography: Aldero Akemi

One response to “Skater Boi

  1. You British skaters are kinda… weird :D. Sadly, I never fell into skating (or surfing… I should be fired as a coastal Californian), but I totally dig that emarosa shirt. Oh, and those shoes, I totally love them.

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