Buck Steel

KMADD City 1st Anniversary weekend is finally over and we had a total blast.

“Boogie Nights” themed event attracted porn stars like Maximus Fussynuts and Lafta Faque. Among them was my cowboy stallion, timeless Marlboro prime beef – Buck Steel.

This post is full of hard muscle – you have been warned.

cowboy outfit

< flex it baby to get style info >

Last night we all had a chance to get our inner porn star out for a play or four. I decided to go with my turn ons rather than turn off which were 70s.

I made this muscled stud just for that and even made him available as a shape.


Most guys in Second Life like to be very tall but at the same time they want to be quite big as well, muscle wise. What they do not understand it that the trick to making a great bodybuilder shape is actually in sacrifice of height. You see, you can not be tall and well built in Second Life both at the same time, unless you like to look like a grotesquely square-shouldered-tumour-infested giant and that is really not a look I would recommend.

So to make a shape quite muscled but keep it’s proportions realistic some height needs to be reduced to make the shape more “stacked”. Shorten the arms and increase hand size also this will make you more muscular. Thick neck is essential just ensure that is not thicker than your head.  And add some ass, girls digg it and nice muscle legs to go with it will really add to your beefy look.

Another style tip is concerning the boots I am wearing. If the color is too bright for your outfit, like it was for me, add shine to it. Right click, select edit, click on both boots and in edit window change shininess to low.

Choice of tattoo was proving to be a difficult one for this style. Most styles I tried were too busy and covered my chest which I did not want since I have body hair that I wanted to show. Other choices were too tribal or Asian, had color etc. Although, this look would work well without a tattoo, I was determined to find one that would suit it, finally going for Aitui and Devol (I used only gloves from Devol set as I needed shirt layer for other tattoo).

So there you have it. My porn star alter ego Buck Steel. RAWR!!!!

You may like other cowboys available for sale at out store …

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Dragonfly Designs ~ (Desert)Ridge Bandit :Hair: Smooth Body

HAIR: bald

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


AITUI TATTOO- Remain =shirt=

BODY HAIR: BODY HAIR SHOP ~ {Morpheus} – Chest hair (black-straight-thin)


SHIRT: Dragonfly Designs ~ GQ Tight Green Buttondown

PANTS: Beauty Avatar ~ KINGSTON DESTROYED- Male Jeans 01\

BOOTS: D2TK ~ Mens Snake Skin Cowboy Boots v1.02

CIG: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II (long ash)

FNKY! ~ Cigarette behind ear

FNKY! ~ Cigarette pack front pocket

RING: Mhaijik ~ Ring Leather and Silver ID

CUFFS: Original Sin ~ CUFF [M2-brown] L

Original Sin ~ CUFF [M2-brown] L

HAT: Dragonfly Designs ~ Resistol  II Cowboy Hat Light Straw

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

4 responses to “Buck Steel

  1. Alright Maddox, you were working that shape, skin and outfit like it was nobody’s business. Never before have I said to myself “I’d like to virtually tap the ass of THAT avatar!”. Buck is such a stud, really, OMG. lol.

  2. I agree with Gahum. I was…still am VERY impressed with that avatar. Gorgeous! Excellent choice in tattoo as well.

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