Miss SL Universe ~ The Judgement Day

Today Best of SL held their first official presentation of the 20 MISS SL UNIVERSE 2009 candidates. For the first time today, the ladies faced the judges and the press. One of the judges was me and this is the post on what I wore and questions that were asked.

bad boy rock outfit

Looking at all contestants here today I realised just how important my own work in SL was – mainly making shapes and styling them. Truly beautiful avatars do not only have a great shape, but skin perfectly moulded to it, eyes that match it and hair that gives shape to the face. Get any of these wrong and you go pretty average avatar. Add style to it with great looking poses and lighting and the person comes to life. And this is very important because this is how people identify with what is presented, this is how they know if it suits their personality. After all we are not shapes, we are people, individuals with strong sense of self and with definite presence. Only few know how to capture this. And only few did this tonight.

To be fair most contestants have done pretty well – there was no great fashion disasters nor weird looking avatars. But only few have captured reality of the person that they projected through their speech.

And this is pretty much how I judged them.


Do not be afraid to edit the items to suit your needs. For example this hat that I am wearing had 2 pieces of string around it which made it more casual it also came in straw texture. I edited linked parts and reduced both of these pieces of string inside of the hat and by changing the texture and color I gave the hat more formal feel.

All else is done with bit of mix and matching as you would have seen in my previous posts – my signature rolled up sleeves over jacket especially. Very 80s I know but to hell, vintage is in and it does not always have to be fabrics and designs but how we wear things as well.

What you are also seeing is new release from Valiant – the jeans with no name. I laughed with Wavie when he sent me these because I did not know if they were preview and he was yet to name them or they are actually going to have that name when placed on the shelf.

He said that he is bad in naming things, telling that to the guy who names everything by numbers. MADesigns PROMISE eyes blue 14. lol

So back to pageant…

The questions were fairly tough (see the bottom of this post) and some answers were quite good like…

Well, I know this and the modelling industry can be rather cut-throat, very competitive. I believe that when we all work together as a team and try to encourage one another we all benefit from the best results. If we all do our best work to benefit the group we all look good. I don’t think of it as someone else’s success as diminishing my own. In everything I do, I will do it with my best effort and I am proud of that.

and some not so good I thought …

My view in this point of view is that everyone should be themselves in relation in one or another way with all people you work with, are friends with and other in your life, treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and I believe the success lies there : Your personality and mine as well which I would like to contribute to all which was and will be my role in this pageant. I feel, that I play a important role here – to represent women as a whole.

I asked…

In what way have YOU contributed and continue to contribute to the community and spirit of Second Life?

Let’s turn up a heat  little bit
Mimi tell me which one of the contestants do you believe does NOT deserve to win the title of Miss SL Universe 2009 and why?

(and no Frolic did not pay me to ask these, I like a little bit of controversy although contestant that answered this question did not fall for my wicked ways)

others asked…

If you thought that entering the beauty pageant is easy maybe some of these questions asked by the judges would change your mind – here just for fun…

It’s been made known that this year’s Miss SL Universe will be asked to participate in community service, charity and the like. Tell us please, what cause or charity would you personally like to take part in, should you have the opportunity to develop your own event or community endeavor?

Those of us who understand , experience , contribute to & LOVE SL – struggle to explain it to people in our first lives in a way that they can grasp. What is your response to this common RL reaction : ” Second Life is just a game ” ?

In SL we know that appearance is heavy on the sliding scale of expectations for models and beauty pagent entrants alike. In addition, personality plays a unique role in this mostly text based world. Towards that end, if given the chance, what is the one feature you would change about yourself and why?

In a tough competition a variety of philosophies come to the surface. What would you say your philosophy regarding this competition has been and how has it impacted your approach to each aspect of the Pageant?

In Second Life where physical attributes can be easily purchased to enhance our overall look and appearance, one can develop their signature look with time and persistence. How much of a role do you feel this plays in the success of a candidate in a beauty pageant and how has it influenced you in deciding your final look throughout the pageant?

Stepping outside of Fashion and looking at Second Life as a Whole If you were Given 50k along with your crown To invest In a Second Life project, Where do you feel it would be best spent? (Entertainment, Fashion, Art,Music,Business or other)

What lines, if any do you believe are most often blurred between real life (the flesh world) vs. Second Life, (the virtual world)

Second Life advertises itself as ‘your world, your imagination’ and hence man can be woman, woman can be man, we can be animals, robots etc. For that reason I allow the ladies to choose the country they would like to represent instead of being strict with the country they are actually from. Am I right or wrong for doing that?

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Dragonfly Designs ~ (Desert)Ridge After Five GQ :Hair: Smooth Body

HAIR: 69 ~ SCULPTURE – jetblack –

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


SHIRT/ JACKET/TIE: Muism ~ Stripe OS/White.Grey_Collar #02

Muism ~ Lose wool knit tie/Black

Muism ~ S.W Slim Fitted Suit/Black (jacket layer)

Muism ~  Stripe OS/White.Grey [shirt tuck in]

SLEEVE CUFFS: Armidi ~ Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Sleeve (L) – Ajan Blue\

JEANS: Valiant ~ the jeans with no name

SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ Strap Loafer -Black

CIG: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II (short ash)

GLOVES:  akami ~ Low Black Gloves

RING: Mhaijik ~ Diamond and Platinum Ring Mns Sz

BRACLET: Mhaijik ~ Titanium Sleek C Bracelet Mns Sz

WATCH: FNKY! ~ Plate Cuff Watch – Black (Large)

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

7 responses to “Miss SL Universe ~ The Judgement Day

  1. Oh lord, you WOULD ask a question like “Mimi tell me which one of the contestants do you believe does NOT deserve to win the title of Miss SL Universe 2009 and why?” Haha I’m playing, but that’s a very good question to see who really gets what a pageant is about and who doesn’t.

    Either way, I like this look and despite your 80’s flavor to the miz, it’s not glaringly 80’s and neither does it look dated. You’ve also got Aldero’s gloves. AWESOME!

  2. Who wants my gloves? Who? WHO!?!?!?

    lol I love this one, and you can never get enough of the 80’s… well ok the good bits… rolled up sleeves over jacket for the win.

    All you need to complete this outfit is to get into that watch and customise the face of it wink wink.

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