It’s always nice to change up your wardrobe from time to time, and if you are Mr. Blue Jeans it never hurts to switch it up into a classy casual once in a while to show people that your sense of style knows no bounds. Inspiration for a great style can start anywhere, that is my method of operating, one great piece, one idea and a great eye for detail can make all the difference. :sey has come out with some great items of late, one that I couldn’t resist was the snake knit vest in black.

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Worn over a pinstripe white shirt from Laqroki, the stylish sweater vest stands out and hugs the body to show of your great shape. The slicker than average black pants from Genius Target are a great match right down to the well creased bottom cuffs.  The shoes, a great find from Storm Schmooz, have a subtly snake texture that works perfectly with the vest… and that bit of shine suggest a more dressed up mode. Smaller details like the prim neck-tie and face framing specs from Role Optic give your no-nonsense leap from casual to a cut above, the final touch.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Skin: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 7

Hair: Chase ~ “Seabreeze” -Coal Black Original

Eyes: MADesigns ~ SOUL eyes Pale Grey


Pants: GENIUS TARGET ~ Pant Inspired by D&G

Pants Cuffs: [SG*] ~ Monocrom – Black/ Pants R (man)

Shirt: Laqroki ~  White Pinstripe White Shirt

Vest: :sey ~ “snake”=black

Shoes: Storm_Schmooz ~ mens_blacks

Glasses: ROLE OPTIC ~ SG-56 Arcadi

Style/Model: Volcom Praga

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