[ akami ] ~ Star Bound…

Sci Fi anyone?

Like most young male adults I secretly want to be a rocket boosting, android from the future, with a great hair cut and ominous white glowing eye balls. Don’t deny it… you know you do too.

So here we have it… with a little toiling and a lot more deliberation, I am now an ACTUAL rocket boosting, android from the future, with a great hair cut and ominous white glowing eye balls. Job done.

Android Sheek.

< Strap on your booster packs fellow space travellers… >

It all started when I saw the cybernetic heart from Necronom Inc. a blue, beating cybernetic heart suspended in the chest. Well like all great outfits this inspired me to lend my hand to making a costume that could win any futuristic themed party competition hands down. My first port of call was to get my hands on clothing, a jacket and pants and maybe some gloves. etc. Well I looked no further than the Oralune Ecosurvicor outfit. Transforming my once naked body into that of one clad in space metal and rivet bolts. this combined with the Dystopia skin from Abyss and Find Ash’s, Glam Wepon hair, I was already looking space worthy.

Much of the outfit is in fact also by Oralune. The shoulders and neck piece came first, then the jet pack on the back, scripted to colour change, AND includes a rocket flame with additional rocket noises for when you are flying. Bonus! ^_^ The belt, another creation by Oralune, is scripted to change colour with the jet pack meaning you can easily fit right in with any other brightly coloured space voyager.

The gloves were easy to find. Created by !AVZ! I slipped them over my fingers and adjusted them a little to fit. Its important to note at this time that these Oralune and !AVZ! items are able to be modified, so I selected parts of the attachments to glow a certain degree. Out of the packet they do not of course glow and are a different colour. The beauty part of modifiable items is that you can alter the colour slightly to tie in with other parts of your outfit.

Well all I needed now where a fitting pair of boots. Something it took me ages to find. But I did find them, after a bit of searching I stumbled across D&D’s EN:FORCE Shade Cell military outfit. An entirely sculpted, black futuristic costume that included a nice pair of black shiny boots to complete the look I needed. I also included the right upper arm and chest piece from this ensemble. The chest piece I lowered and had to edit with a heck of a lot, as I was positioning it to where it was not originally intended to be. It is not crucial to the look but it does add a lot more detail to the over all impression.

My last addition was a PDA made by Sveid Heidenstam, that I found at the Doomed Ship RP sim. It fitted nicely on my right thigh and it even has an option where by you can insert note cards into it, and it gives that note card to people when they click it, accompanied with a rather fitting, electronic noise. The PDA was red when I unpacked it and put it on, so that was mainly my choice of colour for the rest of the outfit.

Now before I flew off and stood around looking too cool for school and doing the ‘robot’ on the dance floor [ oh yes… looking like this you can actually now pull that dance off and look like a pro ] … I needed one last thing. Eyes. Now I had seen many different coloured eyes out there, many robot like ones too. But I wanted to carry on my streak of DIY and opted to make them myself. Surprisingly easy as I found out. All I needed to do was create a new pair of eyes that were completely white. Then I attached an eye sized, glowing white ball to each one of my eyes making sure they weren’t poking through my cheek bones and voila… I now scare away women. Excellent.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia [3]D

HAIR: *FA* ~ Glam Wepon

EYES: Custom.


JACKET / PANTS / GLOVES: ORALUNE ~ ecoeurvicor punk men white

SHOULDERS / NECK: ORALUNE ~ shoulder pad v2 white

GLOVES: !AVZ! ~ Cyberfists

JETPACK: ORALUNE ~ jetpack v2 white

BELT: ORALUNE ~ belt white

HEART: Necronom Inc ~ cyber heart

BOOTS / L UPPER ARM / STOMACH: D&D Enforce Shade Cell

PDA: Nastrand PDA Vendor

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

2 responses to “[ akami ] ~ Star Bound…

  1. Not sure how easy that PDA will be to find but if you type in DOOMED SHIP into places, its a rather disturbing futuristic space RP sim with vendors at the entrance. You will find the aforementioned PDA on sale there, providing of course the place is still there.

    I say disturbing, well… i mean… if you dont like the idea of being impregnated by giant insects from hell then perhaps dont go beyond the first door. Either that… or please… dont sit on anything.

    I did…. I … um … I need a moment.

  2. Very nice Mr. Akami. I particularly like this outfit and you did a fantastic job. The Doomed Ship is still there, and is just as naughty. I may have to return in my sezy latex outfit and cyber arm and pick me up a PDA. Thanks! 🙂

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