[ akami ] ~ My Return to Thunderdome

I need to watch Mad Max, in its entirity, back to back. You know properly, without cuts for breaks or adverts, and a nice comfy sofa with the lights dimmed. On a massive screen. Thing is I dont have the DVD’s. I should really get off my arse and go buy them shouldn’t I? But that would mean having to leave Second Life… and we can’t have that now can we?

Hmmm… what to do, what to do?

Well… isn’t it obvious really I hear you cry? Break out the Abyss Dystopia skin, shave most of my hair off, clamp on some rather heavy looking gauntlets, a pair of torn Primitive Design jeans and head on down to the Thunder Dome…! or in my case Phat Cats Jazz Blue Lounge… where I was kindly asked to cover my naked torso.

Cue the music… this is MY Return to Thunderdome. Post Apocalyptic Punk.

<Jump on my Buggy Baby, click below>

So it starts with the Pale, unwashed, Dystopia skin from Abyss. My third ever skin I think … which explains perhaps why it is unwashed. Heeeey… come on now its difficult in a post apocalyptic future where clean water is scarce and soap… well I think they stopped making soap back when you could buy a MacDonalds…

Anyway so I’m driving my buggy across the sand-dunes with my buddy riding shotgun beside me, manning a twin callibre super bullet round, magnum machine gun thingy, a packet of peanuts next to the gear shift lever, my protective WaRmth18 Stole men’s scarf keeping the sand out of my face and the TonkTastic Steampunk Goggles keeping the sun out of my eyes.

I’ll be honest, I might look pretty but I’m a mean, lean, beer guzzling bastard whose only interest in fluffy rabbits is to see how much they explode when they’re set on fire. Hear me roar in my Primitive Design torn jeans, and Combat boots. My Dirty Lynx Tomcat Shoulder armour strikes fear into your hearts as you hear the war cry of a man who went to the back room of a smelly desert bar and had an iNFLiCT tattoo buzzed onto his chest. The Primitive Bumbag Skull belt resting on the hips of a man whose taste for battle, is exsensuated by the reversed floppy mohawk hair from Abyss, and the fierce, pointy Spiral Bracers from Hivemind. The point is… I’m a crazy, sand dune chasing bandit from the future, 7.5 ft tall and with a tendancy to swear and punch people in the face…

… so so what if I went to art class and made my own jewellry… its not easy being mean.


The goggles, although extremely pretty, are a nightmare to resize on your head. With a bit of patience it can be done. The problem lies in the two beams that eminate from the lenses. You can turn these on and off, with three optional colours, red, green and white. One of these has been made the root prim but as it’s modable, the whole thing can be placed on the ground, unlinked and the root prim reset. I have not tried this as it has only just occured to me heh… [ shakes his fist ] … but hey I suffered so you guys didnt have to. Alternativly if all this fiddling is too much effort for one evening, wear the goggles ontop of some hair, that way it wont matter if the straps dig into the back of your head or not.

Now all I need is for Maddox to come up with a Mad Max event and I can put this outfit to the perfect setting.

My sad face doesnt imagine I’ll be that lucky anytime soon but atleast I am prepared.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Abyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[3]D Body Hair

HAIR: Abyss ~ Dystopia – Medium Ash

EYES: (Avatar) ~ Adorable. (blue)


Tattoo: iNFLiCT ~ [U] Champion’s Trophy *Medium* by iNFLiCT

PANTS: Primitive Design ~ Primitive Design_Denim Duke – UNISEX – skinny

BOOTS: Abyss ~ NAU Combat Boots_MALE

BELT: Primitive Design ~ skull belt (resizeable)

GAUNTLETS: Hivemind ~ Spiral Bracers Male

SHOULDER / UPPER ARM: Dirty Lynx ~ Tomcat *Skulls* shoulder armor

SCARF: WaRmth 18 ~ Stole (skull) Male :3

PIERCINGS: Models Own.

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

One response to “[ akami ] ~ My Return to Thunderdome

  1. Did they kick you out or just ask you to leave?

    I may just have to throw together a post apocalyptic outfit just in case Maddy and Kirkeh decided to do a Return to Thunderdome party

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