Death is your gift

Once upon the time I used to be big Buffy fan. I say fan not fanatic, I watched it did not go to convention or anything. Well this Halloween outfit has nothing to do with it really I am just explaining the title.

Halloween Warrior costume

So I have been digging around my inventory for something to wear on Saturday for Studio Red party (more details to follow) when I stumbled upon my old costumer from last year.

I remember wearing it for my RL birthday celebration which was a surprise party organised by partner Kirk who told me we were going to Halloween party. It was a sweet memory as party was simply awesome. Costumes were incredible and if you do not believe me here are few photos from that event.


Never ever be such a lazy ass to get one costume and simply wear it entirely.

I do not mean to offend anyone here but OMFG where is your creativity if one time in year you can go absolutely nuts and all you wear is a costume out of the box.

Where’s the challenge in that?

EVERYONE can do that and will probably do it. Do you really want to look like someone else? Chances are  they will look the same as you then at the party.

If you really want to stand out, you need to look original and wearing a period costume with a nice wig for example will simply not do.

Show some style. Show personality. Show individuality.

Now I know this is not prim friendly outfit and chances are if you are going to a big party it may not suit the occasion, but hey if you like me and have a very powerful computer – you may still be able to cope with lag.

I usually re-log before I go to the event to empty cache and get there early before others do so that I can load properly.

Back to the outfit…

I love this outfit because it contains the items that I have found on my journey through Second Life in my early days and items that most people would have forgotten about. So it is sentimental at the same time as being original.

The way I went about creating it is how I work every time when I need to make a costume. I basically go through boxes and boxes of stuff, trying things on keeping elements I like and appeal to me taking off the rest. As I mentioned I would not be caught dead wearing a whole costume unless it is for photo shoot or if I am reviewing the item. I dress for fun so simply wearing stuff as is has little appeal to me.

So, once you have kept some items you will have to negotiate what you will keep the next, since you can not attach 2 items on one spot as much as you can wear 2 shirts. Once you have basics of the outfit together and before you are about to add more attachments – save the outfit in appearance. This will place all permanent items in one folder so if you try new stuff and things get removed you will not have to chase the folder where the item you wanted to keep is situated.

So that’s basically it. There are many other tricks that I can share here but it is better to play and learn then being told and do nothing about it.

By the way blue elements under the suit is skin I made for this look – just some blue light capture long exposure photography I used to do back then.

This look I remember it took 4hrs to complete – so if you are looking for the quick fix – there is not one. You are then better of wearing something from the box and pray that someone else is not wearing the same which is very unlikely.

My this year costume is coming by the end of this week. Enjoy Halloween.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: The Good Life – Justin Skin – D – Blade Victim

HAIR: Deviant Kitties ~ Steve [Solid] – White

EYES: Sin Skins ~ Intense Obsidian Eyes


BOOTS: Digital Dragon Designs ~ Cyber Boots L Black

SUIT: Phobos Design ~ Detritus Industriel pants

VEST: AVZ ~ P.I.L – Mech waist

GUN: Los Altos Hot Gear ~ Auto Pistol in Holster 1.2

GLOVES: FORM ~ Raptor Gloves blk

RATS: SiniStyle ~ Rats Leg

SiniStyle Oh Rats Jacket

SCARF: Sumire & EnvYou ~ Ninja Scarf

SHOULDER: Bare Rose ~ Shoulder Armor

SPINE: GROLL INN – Blackened Spine 5 Shiny

WAIST PACK: Kru’s Boutique ~ MC-Waist Pack

SWORDS: GROLL INN – Black Katana spine single

BLADES: Bitter Thorns ~ Forearm Blade

MASK: Bitter Thorns ~ Scorpion Mask 1.2

SPARKLES: FX – Particle Effects – Sparkle Hand Red

AO:  ED ~ Shogun AO (Wear Me)

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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