NEW!!! MADesigns Poses

We would like to introduce you to another great product from MADesigns.

Most of you would know MADesigns by our vast and diverse collection of shapes and more recently realistic eyes and photographic textures. Well today we are pleased to announce the release of another quality product that may greatly enhance your appearance ->-> POSES !!!

With great poses your avatar can express attitude and make you truly come to life in virtual environment. Poses can be used in modelling, photo shoots for your product, AOs or as part of your photographic studio essentials.

If you are looking for some great looking poses go no further – MADesigns poses have everything you love about good poses and none of what you hate about bad ones…

MADesigns Poses feature:

EYE POSITION – all MADesigns poses have eyes focused straight ahead so if you are taking photos of yourself your eyes are not rolling at the back of your head

HEAD POSITION – Hands on our poses are perfectly placed so all fingers are visible even when hand is resting on your leg for example – you will not see poses that have hand cutting into the body etc.

Also, to give you more flexibility and freedom to make your poses your own – most sets would include poses with fixed head (as intended by creator) and free head version (for personalisation) so that you can move the head around.

MINIMAL CLOTHING DISTORTION or no distortion at all – we take special care not to impact on the clothing distortion when creating our poses.

PRIORITY 4 POSES – our poses will override AOs so taking AO off when on pose stand is no longer necessary.

NATURAL JOINTS – you will not look double jointed with our poses

ALTERNATIVE POSE VERSIONS – some sets may include number of versions (for hand especially) that are complimentary when whole set is purchased

PERMISSIONS – all poses are copy and modify – you will never lose them or have to buy multiple copies to use in AOs and you can change their name to something meaningful to you.

About this week’s release:

by Jenny Olbracht from Modarazzi

Throughout Second Life history there has been many types of cigarettes, unfortunately most of them use the same smoking animation from ages ago. I know what your thinking, smoking has nothing to do with fashion. Wrong!

From the time the first pack hit the stores until the late fifties, and especially in the forties, smoking was an icon for beauty and elegance. It is the style of that era that translates into the modern draw the smoking still has.

Today MADesigns released yet another fine product, an unknowing tribute to the classic style that carried the industry to it’s current day level. The MADesigns Smoke poses will add that bad boy flare to any fashion forward look. Check them out over at KMADD City.

[ click to enlarge ]

We have so many ideas and will be releasing poses continuously until we have dried them all up.

If you would like to receive updates about new releases – please join KMADD Enterprise group (in-world) for everything KMADD from MAD Agency shows to events and new releases from MADesigns.


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