In Darkness Costume

So here it is my “In Darkness” costume I promised I would deliver by the end of the week. I hope this gives you some ideas on what to wear to your special event.

Halloween Costume

Again, I went for things that I love and that I wore and combined in other styles – things that made this outfit mine.  Like these boots from Tonktastic or Cape from Angry Monkey as well as nails and leather pants.


Although it is Halloween you can still dress in something that will make you recognisable or even hot for that matter. You can do that in several ways – by using items that you wear normally but throwing something new in the mix that will turn it into costume or by simply making smart skin and hair choices.

Experiment with new skins this Halloween and if you are unable to decide which one to wear like I did, at least arrange them in some kind of chronological order so that when you wear them it looks like you keep mutating and transforming into some new type of horror.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKINS: <TheAbyss> Scorpio_Revelation [4]D Body Hair

MIASNOW Skin – IMMORTAL DREAMER (Male) 4 chest/blood

Muism ~ Halloween zombie skin #03 [Male]

Elsewear ~ BLHC ~ uglyskin_daemon**

HAIR: a.C Store ~ STD.GloXhair PUNK.decision [Raven.sunseT]

EYES:  Starfuker ~ Nova

TATTOO: Negko Design ~ Tattoo 53: scorpio haka


TheAbyss ~ Oblivion Pants

Eclipse Development ~ Warden – Shoulder Guard –   Black

SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

Eclipse Development – Paladin (Dark) – Bicep, Bracer, Shoulder Guard & Cloak (Dark) – LRG

Eclipse Development ~ Obsidian-Arm Band (R)

Eclipse Development ~ Obsidian-Triple Strap Chained

Angry Monkey ~ Coat Of Wulfric [Reg]

Blue Stone Fine Jewelry ~ Multi Earrings Skull (right)

BOOTS: TonkTastic “The Devil’s Rejects” War boots

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

3 responses to “In Darkness Costume

  1. I enjoyed your skin changes, and that was very brave of you to wear a super ugly skin :). My favorite part is the fur you’ve got on. I did a couple of my own modifications through the night going from fire emitter to red halo.

  2. Haha, you know I’m playing :).

    That was a good party, and actually I got more comments about the red halo than the fire emitter. I suppose that’s been done. I wish I had had my iron halo for the party, I’d have worn that and backed it with the red halo for an even more “evil” look.

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