AC Couture

After writing the article about Men’s Haute Couture for RUNWAY Magazine (November issue) I felt inspired to play with wonderful clothing from AC Store using their latest haute couture release. This is the preview of the item that will be on sale at their store from 1st of November till 31st of December.

emo punk jock cool winter style

Cheerno Destiny is one of the most undiscovered talents of SL men’s fashion. One that is hard to overlook  when looking for true haute couture in Second Life. Cheerno is not only fashion designer but great sculptor of male fashion that is sexy, youthful and camp.

Some complain about not being able to mix and match his clothing for they all come as complete outfits already, but this is not true as you will see.

Cheerno certainly provides all that you need to mix and match effectively, unlike many designers of male fashion that only offer clothing on one layer. AC Store clothing is fully modifiable and comes on all layers, advice that Cheerno has taken on board from me in the early days when he first started designing and we met.

I must say that these styles are not something that I would ordinarily wear as much as I would want to wear any RL haute couture fashion since it is too avantgarde and extreme in its expression. Nevertheless, I do have more eccentric side to my personality as much as the conservative one and when wanting to explore the possibilities that lie therein, Cheerno provides me with abundant number of elements to do so.

I wanted to show you Cheerno’s future release here Discover.Ian which is part of his couture line, meaning more expensive to acquire but then again it will only be available for a short period of time (2 months) before you will never be able to buy it again. Where many designers can not justify the time that is invested in producing such items for exclusive enjoyment of a few that can afford their price tag, Cheerno is very prolific in his creations so he does not mind doing it.

Discover.Ian is thick knitted jumper that covers only half of the torso and one arm, with layers around the neck to keep one warm and cosy. It is ironic that while being the winter item this piece does not lend the protection of entire body leaving the wearer exposed to the elements by not allowing him to spoil it with additional item of clothing. While many designers draw their inspiration from RL, Cheerno fully utilises the medium that is Second Life and freedom that it entails creating clothing that perhaps we have never seen  in Real Life before or at least clothing that is not so common.

You do not often see me use all clothing from one designer in my posts but since this is the celebration of AC Store I went all the way and tried to stay away as far as possible from featuring any one else. I even had boots from AC Store however they are no longer on sale so I decided not to feature them and went with Akeyo instead. Everything else is from AC Store including new hair that is yet to be released.

Skin also comes from AC Store, this is 3rd version of GLOX skin with many more tones available and is fresh on the stand as well. I actually had a pleasure working with Cheerno on this skin by providing some feedback, since I am shape maker and work with skins every day I know what the customers look for before committing to wearing it so many designers seek my help in this regard including MMS and Muism.

But this is not your ordinary skin for here you will find complete absence of facial hair and instead various “make ups” for men. This goes completely with an entire style of AC Store designs as well as fulfills a very important niche for younger looking skins which I believe we have severe lack of in Second Life. Facial hair just looked wrong on these skins while make ups Cheerno created are far more original and in no way resemble androgynous skins I have seen.

All other items used are from previous collections and I think they fit the look perfectly don’t you think?

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SHAPE: from AC Store collection coming soon (not named yet lol)

SKIN: GloX – Venus MALESkin.MAKEup [jock paint] – TaN

HAIR: a.C – STD.GloXhair [BlackpearL]

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


TOP: *a.C Store DISCOVER.lan

PANTS: a.C.RockPants.**Seams.*

ACCESSORIES: :::Baseball:::Tac 001 A.C Store 2008
:::Cinto:::Xadrez – serie 037 – preto
from AC Store EMO set


AO: AKEYO_ZHAO-II_release01

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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  1. Great Maddox I love this post about a.C You´ve put in words what we are trying to do with new collection coming up soon.

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