Muism Guerilla [Limited]

“When it rains it pours” the saying goes and just when I was thinking I would be struggling for quality men’s haute couture items to show in November’s issue of RUNWAY Magazine, both AC Store and Muism came to the rescue.

Now if you ever wondered how 10,000L outfit would look like, well here it is and I explain how and why so read on.

winter casual suit and coat

I remember when Muism first moved in at KMADD City, it was actually Kirk who discovered them while I was scratching my head going Mu–who? But once they moved in, it was the love on first sight and once we did the show for MUISM 6 months after our friendship was born.

It is very hard to maintain solid friendships between busy creators such as Minnu, Ice, Migi and myself – yet we have had one of the longest relationships in Second Life (for us) and one of the most loyal. In the process the more I spend time of getting to know people behind these exhaustingly prolific avatars the more time I have for them for they are the most remarkable people you would meet and I have learnt so much from them.

I guess this is the reason that while certain bad press each one of us may receive in certain blogs that are totally speculative, sensationalist and untrue; I draw my comfort from knowing the truth and knowing THEM which is all that matters in the end.

MUISM is one of the most innovative brands in Second Life. MUISM was one of the first creators to introduce prim coats for men which are now as accepted and used by many other designers as prim skirts for women. While MUISM was playing with prim attachments (it is hell doing their shows haha) others were still painting their template collars.

No one can ever take that away from MUISM with one post on their blog nor a store that copies their items. This egg knows who came first and chickens better be scared.

If you are looking for the original, MUISM is the original.

Today, I am introducing you to MUISM Limited, the collection of specially designed items that will be available on sale from November 1st to December 31st and only as part of the set. These are exclusive colors and design twists on some of the most popular recent releases that will make you stand above the rest for they will be available on sale only for a limited time.

Within each set and there are 3 sets (they are only sold as set) you will receive Yeti coat, tartan jacket and checked pants. Sets are named by the color of Yeti coat which comes in Maple, Dark Ash and Smoke. Tartan single breasted Jackets come with checked collars that contrast with the block color of the suit. Checked pants have perfectly aligned prim cuffs and leather belt tied in a knot for perfect detail.

Yeti coats represent a pinnacle of MUISM innovative design.

Multi layered sculptie prims individually designed to fit the body perfectly so that no clothing layer is used whatsoever, giving you more room to play with clothing layers – since this is winter clothing after all and you would need them. This is a full prim jacket at its best and lest say Second Life’s first. Jacket also has such mesmerising texture that while it plays with your eyes it is also giving you an illusion that you are wrapped in little soft furry heaven.

So you must be wondering how did all this add up to 10K?

Don’t panic this is not MUISM price for each set and anyway if I ever hear another blog commenting on price of clothing in Second Life I will go iota roadkill on you. Please if it is too much to pay $4 for someone working hours upon hours so that you can look good in some virtual world, you either should spend time creating something yourself so that you can value more someone else’s time or change profession so this bitching can subside a little bit. Amen.

So, what I am really showing you here is actually bit from each set and since you can not buy the items separately but only as part of the set, the cost would just add up. Remember these are haute couture limited edition items so they will be higher in price so one you add to it Muism skin, Cachet Glasses and gloves, Akeyo hat, Muism scarf (brand new release) and shirt that is part of another suit things can easily add up. I am also showing you ICE shape from MADesigns specially designed for MUISM Daniel skin release. This is much improved skin release from Muism and most handsome one.

Haute couture for men does not get better than this. Who’s your daddy?

You Ice You!

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SHAPE: ICE body perfect 6′ 12″ by .::MADesigns::.

SKIN: *Muism* Daniel Skin_ C2_Hair_01

HAIR: bald

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


PANTS: *Muism* [Tartan check pants]_Nicolson pants with belt 1
from *Muism* Yeti coat set/Maple set

JACKET: *Muism* Tartan Jacket/Black.Navy (jacket layer)
from *Muism* Yeti coat set/Smoke set

SHIRT: *Muism* Stripe OS/White.Blue (shirt layer)
from *Muism* S.W Slim Fitted Suit/Grey set

COAT: *Muism* Yeti Coat/Dark Ash

SUNGLASSES: Cachet-SunglassesBLACK

HAT: AKEYO_Fedora_GreyWool


SCARF: *Muism* [Yeti Fur Scarf]_Beige (Male)

SHOES: *Muism* Miami Hopper/Wine Red

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

9 responses to “Muism Guerilla [Limited]

  1. Oh, now that was a fabulous post, Maddox. Having attemtped to make clothes, I can appreciate the work that goes into making them. So, I never got the complaining about price either.

    The fur coat is fantastic, it’s so well made, and the fur looks good. No chintzy poor quality texturing there. I’m looking forward to their upcoming show!

  2. Thanks Emi – glad you like it darling

    Thanks Gahum – well I thought it needed to be special so bit more thought put into writing. You know I am more action than words. Words can be cheap.

    Yes this is an exceptional coat – it is such a unique item indeed, from texture to construction. I just can’t believe that it is made solely of prims.

    I am looking forward to the show as well. Muism first show I was in internet cafe as my ISP decided to go down. I ran to it last minute to open the show then crashed and seen nothing of it. I actually cried lol.

    Better luck this time I hope. haha

  3. You’re welcome Maddox. I’m having trouble putting my own words down in my blog so, I know how that goes :0.

    The nicest thing about the coat was it pretty much fit when I put the larger size on. RARELY does that happen, I usually have to do a good amount of tweaking before prim items will fit.

    Awww, I’d cry too if I missed a show I was looking forward to. I’m also saving a gift voucher for after the show to get some of the new releases! Muism is probably my favorite mens store, and I’m really not just saying that.

    Muism Mafia represent! 🙂

  4. it has always been a pleasure working with kirk and Maddox, i have hardly ever posted any comment, but this one is hard to ignore.
    through kmadd i have made countless friends that not just knowing fashion but also create fashion. and finding my art to be accepted by them, i am really speechless… there wont be much of Muism if there is no support from friends like you guys. 🙂
    really cant wait to work with Maddox again, it is going to be MADNESS!!!!!!!!
    but dont worried guys, everything is under control. lets make sure the show wont start if maddox dont show up!
    Thank you Emi and Gahum. thank you for cheering me up by left such kind comments.
    @_@!!! Muism Mafia ! wot is going on!? (whatever is going on, please count me in.)

  5. You’re welcome Ice. It was a pleasure chatting with you, Azu, and Eve outside your branch store at KMADD. One of the funniest and nicest people I’ve met in SL. Really, I do not give empty compliments, I mean everything I say.

    Hehe, the Muism Mafia is something Azu thought up one night when he, Eve, and I were on my deck in the Costa Rica estate. Since the three of us happened to have some of your clothes on, and love your store so, we decided we’d have sort of a running inside joke about being a little gang, the Muism Mafia :).

  6. (grins) fabulous piece and fabulous designs! I loved this entire segment – your best yet 🙂

    (grins again) wonder what holiday spirit will do to get the creative juices flowing for next issue 😛


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