Walk in the park

For me, dressing up sometimes is a long process and other times it is like walk in the park.

winter casual

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Silky Girl

I picked up this rose silkish shirt to make an office look.


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It is surprising to see lack of club wear in Second Life, when one of the most popular activities IS Clubbing. Not only we do not have many stores that do make club wear, but we also never see outfits for it on fashion blogs.

Well let us change that today.

rave outfit

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Low ARC with High Impact

Recently I was invited to a fashion show with a black tie dress code. As a model, I know how much time, effort and hard work goes into creating a fashion show and how lag can ruin the experience for everyone and make it so much harder for the models.

Low ARC (avatar rendering cost) at fashion shows, especially a black tie event, is possible without sacrificing prims, jewelry and fashion impact.


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Firefly Commander ~ Style Preview

As you know I am working on a set of outfits for steam punk issue of RUNWAY. I will give you full details on all styles that I have done when December RUNWAY issue gets published. Till then …

steam punk twist

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