Role Play much?

This Halloween season has left me hungry for dressing up in things that I would not ordinarily wear, yet I have not changed for 2 days now. I am starting to stink hehe.

role play outfit

Eclipse Development is one brand that I do not mind wearing from top to bottom with all contents of the box on me (self confessed mix and match addict here). Their outfits are so well made with textures that are both realistic and masculine and they adhere to to well built body perfectly.

The one thing that I noticed about their attachments is that I never have to adjust them to my av – always the right size and position for medium natural build avatar.

Eclipse Development can be found at KMADD City.

Another great designer has just moved to KMADD City – Blitzed.

I am wearing Blitzed arm cuff and bracelet both on my right arm with this outfit. Blitzed makes some of the best high detail accessories (mostly urban) that Lindens can buy. Great prim and sculptie work paired with exceptional attention to detail and texturing that brings a pile of prims to life, Blitzed is one designer to watch for.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[4]B Smooth

HAIR: Tukinowaguma Hair Style ~ COOL Black

EYES: Empty by MADesigns (KMADD Enterprise Group free gift this Halloween)


OUTFIT: Eclipse Development ~ Paladin (Dark) – Pants

BRACELET: BLITZED ~ spiked bracelet -black-right (M)

ARMBAND: BLITZED ~ Marauder Armband- black leather/metal- RIGHT (M)

BOOTS: Eclipse Development – IMPACT

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

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