Easy Casual

When I am flat out with work like I have been in this last week, I need something that is quick and easy to put together while still looking presentable.

Casual everyday

I just finished photographing my vendors for new Model poses I got coming out soon so I ended up naked in my studio (common sight) still wearing Brad skin from Redgrave that needed a good hair to go with it.

I was searching for a NEW hair in my inventory to show you and I stumbled on TekuTeku hair with these wonderful highlights. If I can remember correctly they only sell 2 styles for men but color range is pretty good. If you are thinking of making your own hair they also offer their hair textures on sale – I think you are looking at 2K for a color range. Helpful to some aspiring creators I hope.

While I had my body sorted I needed something to wear and you would not believe if I show you the mess my inventory is in at the moment. So I scrambled through folders which I put star next to; star is for being worthy of post at some later date, items that I find interesting and would actually wear that’s all I like to post, not necessarily new or in need of a review. Finally, I found this MRM fleece sport jacket with surfy style theme. MRM makes a lot of great surf inspired jewellery and clothing. They are situated above AKEYO at KMADD City, where you can see examples of their range.

What is great about this top is good range of layers of course, as every good male designer knows that clothing should come on as many layers as possible so to allow us lads to mix and match with other items of clothing. I simply love the collar on this fleece, it fits well and has a nice shape but sleeves is where the customisation can occur they are scripted and you can change color so to give the fleece your personal touch.

This Fleece needed a t-shirt underneath and I wanted it to be a ringer t since nothing else would work – so something from FORM was perfect for that.

The rest was easy to match. All great quality items in one easy casual outfit.


I often get asked how the hell do you find new hair and other items?

We might have covered this before but my answer is always very simple INSPECT, INSPECT and INSPECT. I am usually not ashamed to ask someone where they got this or that, after all Second Life is vast and by helping each other we will cover more of it. But if you are of shy nature or do not want to speak to the person wearing an item you can then simply right click on it (it has to have prim bits ) and go to more > inspect > see creators profile.

I actually discovered UncleWeb hair that way as well as this hair. Uncleweb Studio was terribly hard to find about 6 months ago when I start wearing it. No listing in classifieds, no tp in creator’s picks and store located in relatively unknown sim. So what I had to do is use translator and contact non-English speaking creator to ask him for the LM. After this he actually listed the name of the sim and coordinates in the front of his profile.

My message to you is this, if you really want that item – inspect, ask people for LM who are wearing it or have designed it. With little effort you may discover many new stores before everyone else does and they become popular and therefore common.

For that of course you need to get out of your sky box more and go for a walk about.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: REDGRAVE ~ 06B Brad Tanned Skin / bald hair / jaw beard

HAIR: TEKUTEKU ~ mens hair 1(ork)

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – blue pale 8


JACKET: MRM ~ Sporty Fleece Jacket *Cool Black* -jacket layer-

TShirt: FORM ~ L7 ringer tucked

JEANS: GearShift ~ Maverick ripped black

GLASSES: Kal Rau ~ Sunglasses M9

SHOES: SOREAL ~ Superstars


Visit MADesigns @ KMADD City

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

4 responses to “Easy Casual

  1. I agree with Azu. I’d gotten into the habit months ago of clicking any prim bits I see to see who makes an item of clothing or hair. I keep noticing a lot of guys I see are wearing Uncleweb’s hair.

    I am glad you sent me the landmark because the hair I wear the MOST often is from Uncleweb (Dan style A). It’s well styled hair and probably my favorite store for it.

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