The layers of Muism

You’ve got to adore autumn and winter fashions, with their endless possibilities for layering clothes and accessories.


< complete style credits after the jump >

Thanks to Muism and their options of underwear, shirt and jacket layers to nearly every outfit creating a unique look has never been easier. Muism has been one of my favourite designers since I discovered them last year. The skirt shown here was one bought way back in December of last year and while other pieces and freebies in my inventory have long gone with the delete button, Muism pieces remain. They never date and always looks stylish. I call it virtual investment dressing. Muism items are wardrobe building blocks that never let you down, and always mix and match with other pieces because of their layering options.

Recently, Maddox posted about Muism Guerilla and mentioned the Muism Mafia. I’d never heard that term used before, but hey, count me in! I’ve know both Ice and Migi for a long time, and feel honoured to call them friends. They are remarkable designers, always innovative and always creative. They gave us beautiful flexi prims, and who could forget the signature dreadlock hair and jackets that spell a Muism original.

Migi and Ice are funny, warm and generous people and I’ve delighted in every conversation I’ve had with them. Despite being extraordinarily busy, they still find the time to help others and are always responsive. I’m forever indebted to Migi who inspired me in my early blogging days, although I’m sure she must have privately cringed at some of my early blurred photographs.

I’m a fully signed up member of the Muism Mafia, and as far as I’m concerned in terms of design, others follow where Muism leads.



Skin: MMS ~ Moscow Pale makeup 7b

Hair: MMS~ Sill in Light Brown

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Promise Eyes in Blue Intense 6


Top: MichaMi ~  Bustier in Beige [undershirt layer]

Shirt: Muism ~ Open Cotton Shirt in Red [shirt layer]

Jacket: Muism ~ Tartan Jacket in Grey

Skirt: Muism ~ Denim Zip Skirt in Dark Denim

Gloves: Fleur ~ Gloves in Midnight

Glove attachment: Lookr ~ Sweatband in Grey

Hose: A la Folie ~ pantyhose collants rezille et couture noir

Socks: UnTone Quilt ~ Mokomoko Socks in Charcoal

Shoes: J’s ~ 2Way Short Boots in Black

Scarf: Ce Cubic effect ~ Stole in Midnight Blue

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

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