Alice in Wonderland with Cheshire Cat

On Saturday KMADD had Alice in Wonderland event for Kirk Claymore’s (my partner) birthday. I created 2 sims of exploration and fun for our guests. After guiding over 100 people down the rabbit hole as a lil rabbit, I changed for the rest of the evening into my Cheshire cat costume.

Alice in Wonderland Costume

This is one of the most recent releases from Bare@Rose. It comes in many colors and all accessories are included. I am not the one to wear a whole costumer but I love this one very much – it’s details, textures and sculptie work are just exceptional and I can see reusing some if these bits in other outfits especially the pants and scarf.

I must thanks Juwan Lane for making this skin for me, she was inspired by the theme and seem to have really enjoyed making this skin and all the bits (skin comes with tail and ears). Skin is available for purchase at JuJu store.

Cat nip boots were one of the best boots in neko category – I was looking for the ones with paws and these looked quite good especially with the detail on the back of the leg.

I also used eyes from ED Designs from friend of mine Eddy Edman that come with an base and 2 different color contacts.

Fun costume for fun times.

If you would like to see my build please visit KMADD @ Flickr. If you have taken photos and want to see the costumes that other people wore visit KMADD Flickr Group.


SKIN: JUJUs Closet ~ Cheshire cat -male
comes with ears and tail

HAIR: Deviant Kitties ~ Steve [Solid] – Blonde Purple

EYES: ED Designs ~ HD – Cats eyes green 3- new generation
Cats Eyes Blue & Green L & R


OUTFIT: Bare Rose ~ Cheshire Cat Boy Purple

SHOES: Catnip ~ Feral boots (black)

NAILS: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

2 responses to “Alice in Wonderland with Cheshire Cat

  1. Really nice, I liked this skin so much that im thinking about getting myself one lol.Well Done Maddy!And the party, the set perfect as usual!

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