Angie Mornington who hosts Fabulous Fashion on invited us to fill in for Daphne Abernathy as guest stylists while she is on holiday. We agreed!

[ click on the image for SLURL to the show ]

Show is filmed today in front of the live studio audience so we hope you come. We will be discussing men’s accessories focusing on scarves from Muism and Sey with jewellery from MRM and Mhaijik.

And here is what I will be wearing for the show.


You saw me already do this and once again I used the sleeves from Armidi for rolled up sleeve look. I also had to tint the shirt which although black did not match my sleeves.

I also liked the gold/silver combination on my belt as it is replicated in jewellery and shoes I wore.

All else is pretty straight forward.


SKIN: -Belleza- Ewan tan 4 bald

HAIR: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes

EYES: Uw.St  Grain-Hair type-A size-L  black


SHIRT: *Muism* Stripe OS/Black.Black (shirt layer) (part of outfit) tinted

JACKET: *Muism* S.W Slim Fitted Suit/Grey (jacket layer)

PANTS: *Valiant* Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans

SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ Strap Loafer -Black

SLEEVES: {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Sleeves – Aufren Black

COLLAR: *Muism* Stripe OS/Black.Black_Collar #02

EARING: *Muism* Jewelled Stud/ [5mm]_Right

RING: Mhaijik Diamond and Platinum Ring Mns Sz

BRACELET: Mhaijik Titanium w Black C Bracelet Mns Sz

NECKLACE: Mhaijik Diamond and Platinum Necklace Mns Sz

GLOVES: [ akami ] ~ Low Black Gloves

5 responses to “KMADD on

  1. well it is tv show I had to dress appropriately – hehe
    actually lot was driven by that and also I wanted to show this necklace off

    and as Eve I think pointed out – I look good in black – I think it is black hair I wear most of the time

  2. I was there for some minutes pity i couldn´t stay more.The interviews with Maddy and Kirk are always fun and the tips about men jewelery was my fav part, not many people can talk about accessories like you and Kirk.

  3. Conservative Maddox, I like it :). I must say, that Necklace was awesome.

    Eve also said I look good in black as well. The Belleza skins do work well with it. Black hair has been my staple for a long time. I’m trying blonde now and it looks pretty good with the Belleza skins.

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