Next issue of RUNWAY it will be focussing on Steam Punk.

steam punk casual

While thinking about Steam Punk which is completely out of my comfort zone I decided to dig out some casual clothing I had and instead of getting full blown steam punk outfit, make style out using these.

Kal Rau had a top which I liked for it had that torn urban flavour. His grey shirt comes with scripted sleeve sculpties for easy resize.

Few accessories from Blitzed – necklace and belt set the steam punk tone. And you can not overlook Mhaijik’s steam punk collection as well – here I show you her Steampunk Gold Etched  Ring – with finest details possible.

Hair from Exile gave me that Railway (steam) look I needed and I decided to go blond just for a change to better compliment The Abyss skin.


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Revelation [4]B Body Hair

HAIR: Exile ~ Railway rekka

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – always greener eyes


TOP: Kalrau ~ Grey Shirt

JEANS: GearShift ~ Maverick Jeans ripped black

SHOES: Kalrau ~ Democrat Black

BELT: BLITZED ~ Mechanic Belt

RING: Mhaijik ~ Steampunk Gold Etched  Ring

NECKLACE: BLITZED ~ The cog (M) old rust

4 responses to “Steam

  1. I’m a little surprised you’d find it out of your comfort zone since it’s got such potential for edgy, experimentalness. I like your interpretation on it, though you wouldn’t quite fit in the Caledon sims :D.

    Is this not the shirt that you were wearing when you first showed me around the department store at KMADD when you were building that?

  2. ummm – never worn this shirt before – I am just starting to look into Kal Rau folders and trying to use them. I wanted the style that is not too full on steam but quite subdued and reliant on only few details so that it can pass as urban casual. More full on styles are coming.

    I am fine with doing these styles, actually I do enjoy it a lot now that I have done about 5 styles and you remember my shape Oz which was pretty full on steampunk shape, its just that it is not a style I live with in SL so this is why I would say out of my comfort zone hehe

  3. LOL. Well I remember you wearing a mesh type shirt over a longer sleeved shirt then. Maaaaybe you forgot. Who knows? :D.

    It’s hard for me to know exactly where your comfort zone lies, but I like seeing you delve into these different genres because you do them so damn well (and that ain’t just me talking, srsly).

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