Firefly Commander ~ Style Preview

As you know I am working on a set of outfits for steam punk issue of RUNWAY. I will give you full details on all styles that I have done when December RUNWAY issue gets published. Till then …

steam punk twist

Steam Punk can be so broad since it is in constant state of flux between past and the future, you can really play with elements as you please.

I enjoyed making the Commander, although the size of this trench was so huge that I needed to adjust my shape to suit. Luckily, I used to be quite a huge guy once upon the time so it was familiar territory.

[ click to get the full view ]


For costume style dressing always think of the character that you want to be – this will lead you to the items that you will need to bring it to life.

I often get inspiration from 1 item I purchase – in this case it was the officer hat. I did not want to go for a full uniform, I was thinking more of Firefly captain than Nazi.

He had to be masculine and not afraid to “roll up his sleeves” when it comes to his crew. He also had sharp braces in case things get nasty. And in case he can not win his boots need to have jets for quick escape.

Fun outfit to make and fun to wear. I also bought a new bike from T.King to match this tough look.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: bald

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


COAT: Last Eden ~ Serial Killer Trench

SHIRT: Last Eden ~ Please Stand By

PANTS: Last Eden ~ Outlander Pants (Skinny)

HAT: Last Eden ~ Commissar hat skull an Cross Bones

BOOTS: [T.KING] ~ Steampunk Badlands Nemesis III Boots

BRACES: [T.KING] ~ Spiked Bracers

EARINGS: Multi Earrings Skull (right) (models own)

NAILS: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

3 responses to “Firefly Commander ~ Style Preview

  1. You are on the money boys!

    I must admit I have long been admirer of Tom of Finland – in all its exaggerated, sexy, masculine glory. There is something so liberating about his art, something so healthy and timeless.

    I am yet to meet man or a woman that are not turned on by it, once they get over the shock that is.

    He has single-handedly pinpointed every gay man’s fantasy be it fetish or vanilla – he nails each pose, character, situation every time.

    So definitely, I had Tom in mind with this one. Not many of them around you know.

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