Beach bum

In this post you get exclusive preview of upcoming men’s jeans label BADBOY, coming soon exclusive to KMADD City. New shoes from Kalnins and new skin from SKANDALOOSE.

casual style

Owning a male fashion sim sure has its advantages. You get to work with well established and upcoming designers that may seek your advice and expertise on fashion and marketing. I often find myself helping new designers to establish successful business (like Mechanism, Juju’s closet Male Line), give feedback to skin makers who are developing new line (MMS, Valiant, Musim, Mirror Image, Signature, Dawn Designs) or working with established designers on the new label of clothing.

You may think we had enough of jeans in Second Life. You may change your mind when you meet BADBOY. I often get stuck finding good pair of plain jeans that are not printed all over or scared with rips and tares. Sometimes, you need a clean style and they could be hard to find. BADBOY will fill this niche so well.

Unfortunately, this post is a preview of BADBOY so don’t bother looking for this pair of jeans as yet, since you won’t be able to find them. Once they are out we will announce the store opening via KMADD Enterprise group. There will be only one store to start with and it will be at KMADD City.

As you can tell from this preview, we are talking about high quality jeans with immaculate texturing and attention to detail, realistic shading and accessories to go with it.

I recently visited Sey to get ideas on scarves that we will show on SLCN’s Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington and I spotted Nel Shirt which I quite liked. As everything you get from Sey, this shirt comes in every layer imaginable, with short and long sleeve version as well and colors that bring life to any outfit. I decided to show you Nel Shirt in green as I quite liked the brown cowboy shirt panels (which are made of same fabric as the rest of the shirt on other colors available).

No matter what time of the year it is I love going to the beach and this is the look I thought would suit those cool autumn/spring days when only cool breeze may prevent you from going for a dip.

Naturally, when I think about beach and need jewelry I always think MRM Factory. Masaru makes high detailed well thought out jewelry that is inspired by the nature and beach. I am showing you 2 items from him in this post – wood mix necklace and maybe less beach inspired by lovely nonetheless Flame Cross ring, which is a new release from him and one of my favourite rings to wear at the moment. Wood Mix necklace is remarkable in it’s realism, stacks of sculpties that make it is each individually crafted and textured to give it realism it needs. Rare piece of jewelry that has such a great similarity to what you would find in corner beach store.

Kalnins are on the roll, another great release are these Atlantica boots which come in great color selections and are entirely menu operated. I love boots with square toe and these have a touch of cowboy feel to them, which is certainly my style and complimented shirt well.



HAIR: ARGRACE ~ Baseball Cap -Curly -Darkbrown

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 2


SHIRT: sey ~ nel-shirt=Long= [Green]

JEANS: BADBOY ~ Black Uk  Jeans Low Rise

SHOES: Kalnins Boots – Atlantica

RING: MRM ~ Silver Ring *Flame Cross* (male)

NECKLACE: MRM ~ Surf Necklace *Wood Mix*

5 responses to “Beach bum

  1. Badboys Badboys,
    Whatcha gonna do,
    Whatcha gonna do when they come for you!

    Is what we were ALL thinking isnt it. Isnt it.

    Dont lie.

    Um, cant wait for Badboys man. My jeans folder has been needing some new items.

  2. ooh, what a hot avatar! Is this a Sims 3 Sim?? If it is, any chance I can download the custom content from you? I’ve been looking everywhere for long hair and a hat JUST like this one for my Sims 3 game.

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