Walk in the park

For me, dressing up sometimes is a long process and other times it is like walk in the park.

winter casual

MRM Factory delivers yet another brilliant item of clothing that is hard to overlook. This coat is yet another Masaru masterpiece, his sculptie work is getting ever more complex while fitting of prims is easy, even for larger than average size avatars. Check out detailing on the hood and folds of the scarf – pure masterpiece.

It is good to mention that Wool coat is also available in tartan pattern and that you can select the texture of the scarf or swap it for turtle-neck if you don’t want the scarf – it is all touch-menu operated.

Here is an example of the tartan jacket with different color scarf.

Also, you might have noticed that Uncleweb has closed. Not to worry it is only temporary. Uncle web will be back after few weeks of renovations and updates to his hair. Here you can preview what you can expect – I am wearing Jeff style with new brown texture.

Let us continue with the original style…

This coat needs only few more details to bring it to life. I opted to add some color to it with Striped Green Pants from Redgrave and pick up on ochre from the hood by wearing blond hair with this ensemble.


Use gloves with your winter outfits to add sense of warmth or color. Accessories play important part when adding details to what you are wearing – do not forget to use them.

In this particular style I used dark olive gloves to pick up color of the pants, you do not have to. Use colors that create contrast and introduce new colors to your outfit – but stay within 3 colors whenever possible.

Sometimes to fit the coat properly you may need to make changes to your shape – especially legs and tush. Make the copy of the shape and make changes you need to then save outfit in appearance. Don’t forget to use this shape only with coats otherwise you could be walking about with flat ass till someone notices and believe me they will.

Kirby Shape by MADesigns is available in body perfect section of our main store. All new releases at MADesigns featured in the lobby come with MADesigns eyes shown here, for a limited time only. That’s saving of up to 300L.


SKIN: SKANDALOOSE ~ Generation 6 (stubble)

HAIR: Find Ash ~ Crimson Drive[Gold/black]

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 2


COAT: MRM ~ Wool Coat *Herringbone Gray*

PANTS: REDGRAVE ~ Striped PANTS Green + Belt

BOOTS: O number ~ AM_Bb Boots Lfoot

GLOVES: E. Watkins – Riding Gloves

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