A.c Store New Collection ~ Preview

New collection from Cheerno Destiny for A.c Store is just around the corner. New turn from this talented fashion designer that will please the masses. This is the preview of what you can expect to see when A.c Store launches their new Collection with their show presented by MAD Agency on 15th of December.

Casual everyday for autumn/winter

A.c Store will celebrate 1 year of designing in December. Happy Birthday!

Cheerno Destiny is one of those designers that has taken full advantage of Second Life as a creative medium. While most designers source the inspiration from Real Life for their creations (not that there is anything wrong with that and certainly people love wearing familiar clothing), Cheerno uses familiar patterns in new and exciting ways and plays with full possibilities that sculpties can offer.

His clothing has often been described as sexual, flamboyant and bit “out there” by average consumer. But to us, his designs have markings of real life Haute Couture fashion and there is sort of artistic, sculptural quality to his silhouette that few Second Life designs for men possess.

I am showing you complete a.C STD.DEKO’s.collect – MidNight outfit from Cheerno’s new collection – coming out December 15th. It is a new direction for A.c Store in sence that clothing is designed for everyday and offers more layer options for mix and match. And we all love that here on MAD Image!

Everything that you loved about A.c Store is still here – great design, mastery over stubborn sculpties with great texturing all around. Cheerno’s attention to detail is once again exceptional and be it wrist band, buttons on the scarf or uneven, non-identical jeans “roll-ups” which I so craved – it is all here to keep your eye interested and to give you more realistic look.

Cheerno’s jeans have improved as well, while bright denim might have been suitable for bright red outfits of his previous collection, dark colored denim with improved creases better compliments this darker winter ensemble.

We are looking forward to seeing the entire collection on 15th – so join us when MAD Agency presents A.c Store Winter Collection. For your invite visit MAD Image blog or join KMADD Enterprise Group.

Jonah Shape from MADesigns is available in young and slim section of MADesigns Store.



HAIR: Aitui – Hair – My Agenda – Black or *Muism* Clay/black

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


OUTFIT: a.C STD.DEKO’s.collect – MidNight



RING: Yabusaka ~ Silver Ring 2


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